This season of the bachelorette was one for the history books – between the two full-time bachelors, the 32 (!!) men and of course the general confusion, chaos and miscommunication that followed, it’s been a doozy .

Things have definitely been pretty rough so far, with lots of tears, a villain or two, and some midseason baby daddy drama. Moreover, it all happened on a cruise ship, with the girls looking for love at various stops in faraway places.

Bless Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia for their perseverance and dedication to finding love. Your service, especially in Brugge/with Logan in Episode 5, will not be overlooked ladies.

And if they’re lucky, they might end their wine, cheese, and beach tours with a devoted husband, which will be on everyone’s bucket list. Bachelor Universe couples who are still together. Only time will tell.

But for now, you can stop holding your breath because Reality Steve just dropped a *ton* of Season 19 finale spoilers and I’m honestly confused, intrigued, and happy at the same time. So, let’s dive into it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what happens in season 19 of the bachelorette!

Who qualified for Gabby’s last four?

Senior Reality investigator Steve said he initially had trouble figuring out who Gabby picked for her fourth date in her hometown, and there’s a good reason for that: She only goes to hometowns with Erich Schwer, Jason Alabaster and Johnny DePhillipo.

It turns out that Nate Mitchell is sent home in episode 6, according to Reality Steve. And something seems to be up with Spencer and Logan, as Gabby definitely only has three dates in her hometown. Maybe it has something to do with Logan having a hard time deciding…

Who qualified for Rachel’s last four?

Aven Jones, Tyler Norris, Zach Shallcross and Tino Franco succeed to the last square with Rachel. After Logan’s departure from Team Rachel in Episode 5, things seemed a bit shaky. Nevertheless, Rachel’s love affair persisted, but not without a lot of tears.

Who’s in Gabby’s bottom two?

Goodbye, Johnny! Jason and Erich end up in Gabby’s bottom two, but with a potential twist. Reality Steve said he heard from three sources that Jason could take himself out once he reaches the final round, possibly leaving just Erich on one knee.

“For me, it’s still a rumour. But given that I heard it from 3 people, if you ask me if I think it happened I would lean towards about 60/40 maybe 65/35 that it happened that way,” wrote Reality Steve.” We do have footage of Gabby in Mexico walking away crying and then in an ITM wondering if she can be loved. It could be Jason knocking himself out, but I haven’t gotten confirmation.”

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Who is part of Rachel’s final two?

Rachel’s final two include Tino and Aven, which is a departure from what was predicted earlier in the season. (It pretty much looked like it was Zach vs. Tino from my screen and Reality Steve’s previous predictions). But something is going on with Zach and we get a taste of the debacle in the previews.

Host Jesse Palmer is heard advising Zach to tell Rachel “the truth” after her date night, according to Reality Steve. I’m dying to know what in the world this means.

Either way, everything that goes on between Rachel and Zach puts him in third place, according to Reality Steve.

Gabby is engaged to Erich.

Yes, Gabby is apparently getting engaged to Erich. The fact that the 29-year-old New Jersey real estate analyst takes a knee may come as a surprise to viewers, but I’m in favor of this one.

Rachel is engaged to Tino.

It totally makes sense considering Tino got his first impression of pink, etc., etc. He’s been working hard all season, so I have to hand it to the man.

I love to think that our two girls will leave with a Neil Lane sparkler on their hands! Kudos to that, Gabby and Rachel!