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The 2022 edition of Whitesnake

Whitesnake have canceled the remaining dates of the 2022 European edition of their farewell tour due to what they describe as “health issues”. The July 1 announcement followed a series of health issues for David Coverdale, Tommy Aldridge and Reb Beach. US dates, with the band opening for Scorpions, are still scheduled to begin on August 17.

Guitarist Reb Beach was the first to die due to undisclosed health issues that caused him to miss four gigs. This was followed by news from Tommy Aldridge. On Saturday, June 25, the day the band were scheduled to perform at a festival in Spain, organizers released a statement describing the drummer as having “serious health issues. “Just when we had all of Whitesnake’s background and stage preparations ready for their show today,” read the Rock Imperium announcement, “their booking agent informed us of the sad news that Tommy Aldridge has serious health issues today, so we regret to announce the cancellation of their concert at the Rock Imperium Festival. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are devastated and can only wish Tommy a speedy recovery.

That same day, white snake released a statement that read, in part, “Know that we are doing everything in our power to bring you the best energetic and exciting shows we can. We always strive to deliver 100%, because Whitesnake fans always deserve as much, and never anything less.

“We knew that embarking on this tour could present many new hurdles and potential issues, which were unknown to us on previous tours. We sincerely apologize to our Spanish fans for inevitably having to cancel tonight’s show.

The next day, June 26, the group posted a follow-up note. “The Spanish promoter has released a misleading statement. Tommy was in bad weather, as we can all be, but he’s improving: he’s never had what were wrongly described as “serious health issues” and he’s looking forward to getting back to playing for the fans ! »

David Coverdale via his Facebook page

Just a day later, on June 27, more bad news came from Coverdale. “The rigors of the road are the same for all of us and we have tried to keep everyone healthy and safe,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, we’ve had a few situations recently that we’ve dealt with as best we can.

“First our beloved bandleader Reb Beach fell temporarily and missed a few gigs while he was fixing up (and he’s much better now, by the way).

“Then the rock of our band, the legendary Tommy Aldridge, fell apart and unfortunately we weren’t able to play the Rock Imperium Festival.

“Tommy was bad enough at the time to have missed the first show of his career – The GOOD news is he’s feeling better and can’t wait to get back to playing for you all.”

Coverdale then shared their own health news. “Unfortunately I was also badly affected. I started to feel a bit unwell two days ago and I was just diagnosed with sinus and trachea infection. Doctor recommends 5 days without singing or rest in bed.

Several shows were canceled as they hoped to complete the remaining European dates. However, on July 1, the tour came to an abrupt end. “It is with the deepest sadness that I must announce that due to ongoing health issues, medical prescriptions and our concern for everyone’s health and safety, Whitesnake is unable to continue its farewell European tour,” Coverdale wrote.

“I sincerely apologize to all of the amazing Whitesnake fans who have been looking forward to the remaining scheduled shows of this tour, all of our amazing and fabulous Whitesnakes and tour staff who have worked so hard to organize these shows, and all of the organizers and other professionals who helped set up the tour.

“I appreciate and love you all!!!”

look Whitesnake performs a favorite on June 6

The North American tour, most of which is with Scorpions, is set to begin August 17 with dates on the schedule through October 21. Tickets are available at ticket master and StubHub.

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The group released an updated edition of their greatest hits this spring that has been “revisited, remixed and remastered”.

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