Every tourist destination has a less visited place. The place where only a few people care, mainly because of the popular places nearby. One thing to know about the least visited place is that it usually has a lot to offer. In fact, in some cases, it might be the best kept secret. This is the case with Molokai – the least visited island in the state of Hawaii. Maui may have sea turtles and Kauai may have hiking trails, but Molokai has both and some things other popular islands don’t – fewer people, empty beaches, and a more intimate Hawaiian experience. With fewer families living on the island, people know each other and work together to ensure travelers have an unforgettable visit. This makes it the best place for those looking for empty beaches, quiet hiking trails, and the original Hawaiian lifestyle without chaotic resorts or noisy cruise ships. To begin an exploration of this island, here are some of the most exciting things to do.

ten Hike the Halawa Valley

Hiking the Halawa Valley is the first exciting thing travelers can do in Molokai, not only because of the lushness of the valley, but also because of the history of this area. The Halawa Valley is the location of one of Hawaii’s earliest settlements, as archaeological finds here date back to the 7th century. As you walk the trail, you will discover a beautiful church from the early 1800s, an impressive waterfall and a swimming pool where you can cool off.

9 Visit A ​​Halawa Beach Park

Halawa Beach Park is the perfect place to find the best beaches on the island. The park includes two beaches – Kawili Beach and Lama’alaea Beach. In summer, these beaches are ideal for swimming and enjoying some relaxing time by the sea. Other activities that one can do on these beaches include fishing and surfing. In winter, the beaches can become dangerous for swimming due to strong waves.

8 Take a helicopter ride

Those who have seen the island from the ground might as well see it from the sky. There’s no better way to do this than to take a helicopter ride. This activity offers a bird’s-eye view of the unique landscape of this laid-back island. Most helicopter tours offer the chance to see West Maui and Molokai in one helicopter trip because the two islands are located in close proximity to each other.

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seven Visit Papohaku Beach Park

At Papohaku Beach Park, visitors will experience one of the longest stretches of white-sand shoreline in the state of Hawaii. You would think that such uniqueness would attract so many people, but that is not the case here. Papohaku Beach Park is one of the least visited beaches in the country, which means you’ll have the whole beach to yourself at all times. Those lucky enough to visit such a secluded paradise should take the time to enjoy the quiet, take a long barefoot walk on the white sand, swim in the water at low tide, and enjoy the scenery at sunset. . The surf here is also amazing.

6 Explore the Kamakou Reserve

The Kamakou Preserve is home to Kamakou – Molokai’s highest peak and also hundreds of rare Hawaiian plants that are unique to this location as well as rare species of birds. Hiking the short boardwalk is the best way to see this pristine, lush area, as you’ll be presented with melodious bird songs and beautiful views of the surrounding vegetation.

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5 Cycling

With miles of empty paved trails, biking is a must-do activity in Molokai and a unique way to see the island. One of the best cycling routes to take on the island is from Kaunakakai to the Halawa Valley, where one will enjoy over 20 miles of empty road and plenty of natural beauty. The ride also leads to some of the best beaches on the island, and cyclists can stop to relax on these shores before hitting the road again.

4 Kayak

Many guided kayak tours are offered in Molokai for those wishing to explore the island from the sea. This activity can only be done in the summer as the waters are usually too turbulent in the winter. One can explore the whole island by kayak paddling from valley to valley, camping and exploring the many attractions along the way. Many kayak tours on the island also include snorkeling so one can explore the reef and the marine life in the water. Kayaking in Molokai is best for experienced kayakers as the sea waves can be rough even in the calmest month.

3 post a nut

Imagine being able to mail a well-decorated coconut from a remote island like Molokai to a friend or family. This is one of the unique things you can do on this island. This service is offered at the local post office on the island and visitors only need to pay the delivery charge. Coconut and art tools are completely free. One can paint the coconuts personally or request a more eye-catching design which may incur an additional cost. Delivery costs can vary between $13 and $20.

2 Visit the Farmers Market

Visiting the Molokai Farmers Market is a must on the island. The market usually takes place every Saturday from 7am to 12pm and the majority of the island’s population come to buy their fresh produce during this time. Visitors who want to experience the island’s local produce and also witness the vibrant nature of the locals should not miss this weekend market.

1 Visit Pala’au State Park

Pala’au State Park is an area blessed with lush forest and one of the best views in the area. The park offers activities such as camping and hiking, and one of its hiking trails even leads to a lookout point that offers impressive views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the Kalaupapa Peninsula.