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SARASOTA, Florida., August 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

Work as a nurse in Sarasota County’s nationally ranked health care system

There’s no doubt that visitors to Sarasota County come for its mild winters, unique culinary scene, and world-class beaches. So much so that many visitors to the destination eventually decide to make Sarasota County their permanent home.

Take Wisconsin native Nathalie Wiess. Just two years ago, Natalie was looking for a place to call home as she neared the end of her undergraduate nursing degree. Desperate for a winter escape from her snowy hometown of lake genevaWI— and after a vacation in Sarasota County with her family in 2018 – Natalie’s decision to move to the area was easy.

After choosing Sarasota County as her home, Natalie and her college professors used Merative, an independent analytics company that annually rates and rates hospital performance, to identify the area’s top performing hospitals. . She soon discovered Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH), which was recognized as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation for last 6 years.

Knowing it was fate, Natalie applied for and accepted a nursing position for their Cardiology Progressive Care Unit in May 2021.

SMH offers a residency program for new graduates and nurses who have worked in the field for less than a year. For 13 weeks, they are assigned to training alongside a preceptor to learn the ins and outs of the hospital. This program was the perfect transition for Natalie as she adjusted to her new Florida lifestyle.

“Throughout the residency program, nurses gain independence and it prepares us to become more confident in the challenges we may face. Even though I just graduated from nursing, it helped me to feel more comfortable as a nurse,” she tells us.

But it wasn’t just the great work and the perfect weather that made Natalie Sarasota County her home.

“It struck me that everyone here is active and puts their health first, and it’s easy to do that since you can be outdoors all year round,” she says.

Outdoor yoga classes, pickle ball, and community-organized runs are just a few of her favorite things to do around town. “I especially like going to Turtle Beach to watch the waves and relax after my day’s work,” she adds. Siesta Key’s public beach, named for the large number of sea turtle nests on the shore, is a local favorite hidden gem.

After living in the area for four months, Natalie knew sarasota was the right choice for her and quickly decided to buy a house. She managed to find a promising neighborhood in Nokomisjust south of sarasota, and purchased a fully customizable new build on land she was able to hand-select. She officially moved in in April 2022, having customized the interior to her liking.

Natalie admitted that she initially had some reservations about moving to a new city without knowing anyone, but it was worth it.

“When I moved to the area, I was worried that I wouldn’t find much for someone my age to do, but thanks to social media groups aimed at connecting millennials, I quickly found good friends and activities that I loved,” she says.

The Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is currently recruiting across all sites, departments, and services. To see current openings, visit job search board on their website.

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