All three performances feature extended jams.

By Nate Todd August 8, 2022 2:27 p.m. PDT

Phish recently released pro-shot videos of “Free”, “Tweezer”, and “Sigma Oasis”. Footage is from the band’s 2022 Summer Tour concerts in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, as well as the second and first nights in Atlantic City, New Jersey respectively.

All three performances feature extended jams beginning with the massive 25-minute “Free” from the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on August 3. Phish performed “Free” for the first time in public at a Voters for Choice benefit concert hosted by Gloria Steinem on May 16 (a day before keyboardist Page McConnell’s 32nd birthday) in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The ensemble saw a number of debuts, including “Free’s” Billy breathe companion “Theme From The Bottom” with “Strange Design” and the rarities “Spock’s Brain” and “Ha Ha Ha” as well as a cover of “Gloria”. Later that fall, Phish unleashed the longest version of “Free” to date in Landover, Maryland with a 33-minute performance. While “Free” was pretty quick and funky in the 2.0 and 3.0 eras, a 16-minute excursion came last fall to Chula Vista and Blossom’s recent rendition was right behind the monster Landover.

Free – August 2 – Blossom Music Center

Atlantic City 2022’s “Tweezer” — a song with plenty of well-documented jamming exploits — came Aug. 6 on the second of three nights on the beach last weekend. Read the “Tweezer” section of the show’s cover by JamBase contributor Aaron Stein:

…few riffs can excite a crowd like the opening chords of “Tweezer”. This one quickly got into some cool spaces, Gordon continuing to assert himself as the improvisational guide of the evening, Trey again on the sparse echo, letting the other three set the tone and tempo before returning to fill in the gaps. As the four achieved mind-meld over multiple sections, the “Tweezer” felt like a great Dickensian novel, ideas, characters, and chapters weaving multiple narratives into one brilliant piece of literature. The “Tweezer” jam stayed focused and eventually Trey returned the main theme, but in a completely distorted and dissonant form, as if “Tweezer” had been battered by ocean waves, weathered and gnarled, but still recognizable, flashes of mid-90s Phish weirdness here and now.

Tweezers – August 6 – Atlantic City Beach

The “Sigma Oasis” video is from the opening night of the Atlantic City race on August 5. Phish have gone more and more exploratory with the title track of their 2020 studio album since debuting in Charleston on December 8, 2019. The quartet began play with the song like a jam vehicle seriously at Dick’s in 2021. A recent 17-minute version from Hartford nearly dethroned a nearly 19-minute rendition of Orange Beach earlier this year. But the 21.5-minute AC exploration has taken the crown so far.

Sigma Oasis – August 5 – Atlantic City Beach

Phish’s 2022 summer tour continues Wednesday in Toronto. Live streams are available via