Senators Warner and Kaine have tentatively secured more than $ 4.7 million for maintenance projects for both Lynnhaven Inlet and Rudee Inlet.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Two key water crossings in Virginia Beach are well on their way to getting a much needed boost.

Lynnhaven and Rudee Arms are on the verge of securing a multi-million dollar credit for critical dredging and shoal clearance.

Congress has yet to vote on a final budget, but the two Virginia senators are confident it will happen.

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Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have tentatively secured over $ 4.7 million for the Army Corps of Engineers to conduct two key maintenance projects for Lynnhaven Inlet and Rudee Inlet.

Lynnhaven Inlet will receive $ 4.1 million for maintenance dredging and shoal removal. Rudee Inlet will receive $ 580,000 for the same.

“We are all very happy to hear this,” said Casey Hasell of Rudee Tours. “I hope this fixes the problem for many years to come.”

The injection of money is very necessary. Mother Nature wreaks havoc over time, affecting commercial and recreational boaters.

“We had several boats stuck on the shoal over there. We had to tow them,” Hassell said.

For the first time in more than a decade, the Senate has re-launched a process that allows lawmakers to make Congress-led spending requests, also known as allotments.

In a statement, Warner and Kaine said, “We have a long history of supporting water infrastructure projects like these and are delighted to advocate for these federal funds to support major dredging projects at Hampton Roads. So As negotiations continue on this year’s government funding bill, we will continue to push for critical funding for the region. ”

Of course, nothing is going to happen with the federal budget this holiday week. The Senate is on vacation until next Monday, while the House is closed until Tuesday.