Pictured is Lakewood Beach, which village officials say will reopen this year. “With all the plans we have, the playground renovation and the 4th of July, we’re in a really festive and positive mood for the summer,” Lakewood Mayor Randy Holcomb said. PJ Photo by Katrina Fuller

While most welcome spring, officials in Lakewood and Mayville already have the summer season in sight.

Lakewood Mayor Randy Holcomb said the village is looking forward to the summer season with plans to open the beach. He said the village was also delighted to once again host Independence Day festivities.

“We are very happy with the opening of the beach this year and having lifeguards,” said Holcomb. “With all the projects we have, the playground renovation and the 4th of July, we are in a really festive and positive mood for the summer.”

Holcomb said the Lakewood Village Board approved the posting of lifeguard positions in anticipation of the opening of Lakewood Beach. He said it has been difficult in recent years to find lifeguards.

“They have to go through training before we can get them and we would pay them a competitive salary, which could be minimum or something above,” he said. “One year, we found nothing. Then at times the beaches were closed at the north end of the lake and in Lakewood due to lake testing. Beaches were not allowed to be open at certain times. There are a lot of variables, but we felt very positive about it in our meeting.

Mayville Mayor Ken Shearer said the village has also struggled in the past to find lifeguards.

“I think everyone across the county I’ve spoken to gives the same answer,” Shearer said.

Shearer said the village is already looking for lifeguards for this summer. Those interested in applying should email him directly at [email protected]

He said village officials hope the beach will be open this year after two years of being closed due to the pandemic.

“We plan it” he said. “The most important thing is to have enough lifeguards.”

Shearer said the village also plans to hold its annual summer day camp as part of the park program. He said programming is still ongoing but looks promising. The program is offered to children in kindergarten through ninth grade.

“They do anything from kickball one day to crafts one day or go play mini golf one day,” he said. “There are different activities for them. We have a director and advisers who do this work. So far we are getting applications and people have had good interviews.

More information will be made available to the public after the April 5 board meeting. Typically, the program lasts until the third week of August, Shearer said.

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