Summer is finally here and for many people it means vacation, relaxation and more.

Whether you live in the United States or any other destination, we bet you have plenty of plans in store as most COVID restrictions have disappeared or been eased in most parts of the world.

Therefore, the leading microblogging platform, Twitter is doing everything in its power to help its users prepare for most people’s favorite season by sharing valuable information. This comes in the form of trending information and what people are discussing on the app in terms of summer conversations.

The idea is to prepare for the season in any way possible so that you and your loved ones can end up having fun.

The latest company statistics show how willing users are to get out of their homes during warm seasons and make the most of the moments while they last. This could take the form of beach trips, concerts and a range of other innovative leisure opportunities.

Twitter reports that among the most famous terms explored, Discover and Excited lead the pack with notable increases in mentions for festivals and more in 2022. That must be a staggering 220% increase over previous years’ stats and it makes sense because the world is finally opening up.

The app hopes to help its users plan for a summer like never before by sharing some of the most-tweeted summer topics that just might influence your strategy for the season.

On average, keywords that warm the app include discover, thrilled, prepared, and excited. Likewise, tweet volumes also accelerated, reaching as high as 12.6 million.

Common entertainment topics that peaked during the summer included music festivals, trending beauty, fashion inspirations, and movies. This shows how eager people are to enjoy recreation during this time of year, more than any other.

On the other hand, when it comes to fun summer sports, baseball and soccer were leading the pack, with combat sports ranking just behind.

There was a lot of fuss over lifestyle talks and most of them had to be having cocktails, family fun and moving around. It is clear that the holidays were in fashion.

This year we have seen tweets related to the festival increase more than 5x compared to data from previous years. And for the most tweeted moments in the summer of last year, many of the posts were about the July 4 draft and the NBA draft.

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