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(CNN) — A travel agency is urging travelers to visit Ukrainian bomb-ravaged cities – against international advice. North Korea has destroyed sites in the resort town of Mount Kumgang, once a symbol of reconciliation between North and South Korea. And Emirates CEO Tim Clark told CNN he wants Airbus to build a new superjumbo to replace the A380.

Here are the last trips of this week:

Is bigger better?

Dubai-based Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane.

Airbus has stopped production of the megacraft, so Emirates CEO Tim Clark wants the European manufacturer to build a new superjumbo. But does the demand enough?
One of the largest aircraft currently in development is the Boeing 777-9X, which CNN was able to discover during the Farnborough International Airshow last month. Although it’s not scaled to the A380, it’s definitely a huge beast at 251 feet long (about 77 meters). Originally scheduled to enter service in 2020, the 777-9X is expected to debut in 2025.
So is bigger better? The United States Federal Aviation Administration is seeking public comment on commercial airline seat size. But before you start complaining about your neighbor stealing your armrest, note that he’s only looking for comments related to security considerations.

Tourism and Ukraine

The Russian invasion not only devastates Ukraine, but also has a serious impact on tourism in the neighboring countries of Eastern Europe. We spoke to local businesses in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and Romania about how they are coping.
And inside Ukraine, a travel agency has just launched one-day guided tours in the bomb-ravaged cities — despite international warnings against travel to the war-torn nation. The online platform promises walks among bomb debris, crumbling buildings and cathedrals, and burnt-out military hardware.
As the war nears its sixth month, Russia remains isolated from the international community, with airlines and countries abiding by flight bans and sanctions. But an airline decided to open a route to Russia, in response to what it says is passenger demand.

life on the water

And in Croatia, a charter boat offers a taste of superyacht lifestyle for less. At $82,000 a week, you can gather 21 of your closest friends and cruise around the islands for less than a week on some luxury cruise ships might cost you.
A Swedish company hopes its electric hydrofoils could be the solution to Venice’s “moto ondoso” – that is, the damage caused to buildings and pavements by motorboats traveling through the city. Here is How it works.
Finally, Disney has a new cruise ship in its fleet. Disney Wish is the first new Disney ship in a decade and can accommodate an incredible 4,000 passengers. It made its maiden voyage last month.

go west

The last episode of the Podcast “Unknown Parties” revisits Anthony Bourdain’s 2017 visit to Seattle, the “boom or bust” city of the Pacific Northwest.
Arizona’s Grand Canyon was the setting where Carrie and Kris Sorensen met as teenagers on vacation. Seven years later, they reunited and to fall in love.
And in Colorado, a lesser-known area called Grand Valley could be the West’s next destination. unmissable destination. On the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, the area offers fruit and wine country, river activities, and access to a combination of alpine and desert mountain terrain for hiking, biking, and scenic road trips.

The best of Europe

Bourtzi water tower is a small island with a fortress on the coast of Nafplio in Greece

Adobe Stock

Paris, Barcelona and Rome are rightly must-see cities, but Europe’s smaller towns offer a different perspective on their country’s charms. From humble fishing villages to medieval hilltop power bases, we’ve gathered 15 of the most beautiful.

In case you missed it

A floating hotel there was once a symbol of reconciliation between North and South Korea.

When the crews looked like rock stars and the champagne flowed freely in the onboard lounge.

Spicy, funky and absolutely delicious.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

Plaque doesn’t take vacations, folks, so dental hygiene is just as important when you’re traveling as when you’re at home. Our partners at CNN Underscored, a guide to CNN-owned product reviews and recommendations, have rounded up their pick of best electric toothbrushes of 2022 to put in your toilet bag.