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Posted 7/19/22 8:15 PM PST
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Garibaldi, Oregon) – Coming south towards this small northern Oregon coastal town, one thing soon begins to flood your field of vision: that gigantic G towering over the quiet fishing village of Garibaldi. That and the huge chimney that rises high. However, there is much more to the city than this G, “asleep” might not be the most accurate of descriptions. Garibaldi is deceptively quiet: there’s actually quite a bit of animation. (All Oregon Coast Beach Connection photos)

Nooks and crannies abound here, filled with landmarks, sights, and happening things you can’t often see from the freeway when strolling. A few kilometers from the beaches, there are a surprising number of attractions and distractions in this otherwise tranquil bay.

When it comes to things to watch here, Garibaldi’s motto seems to be “Go Big or Go Home”.

In the photo above, it is Tillamook Bay that you often encounter for the first time if you come from the north. Still a quiet place in many ways, even on a cold winter’s day it can be much more so, as a light mist shrouds the southern end and the large Garibaldi pier stretches towards it.

This little house? This is the Garibaldi Boat House, or Garibaldi Pier’s End, once a Coast Guard base, and now quite smartly converted into an arts center.

In summer, however, the bay here really lights up. The various boats – commercial and recreational – sit quietly and patiently in calm conditions, waiting for their owners to come and take them out for a water jaunt and perhaps an adventure.

In spring, this same bay lights up differently. Those puffy clouds so typical of this time of year on the Oregon Coast make for some spectacular backgrounds.

Of course, what exploration of Garibaldi would be complete without a good look at the great chimney of the ancient city? It was built in the 1920s by an industrialist named Hammond as part of the Hammond factory, which he had recently purchased from a group that had gone bankrupt. Known for his benevolent attitude towards workers and townspeople, the tall chimney was built by Hammond to keep the fumes from the sawmill from suffocating the people of Garibaldi.

While the old mill has disappeared, the chimney has remained, thanks to the efforts of locals over the decades. This is what the oddity looks like at night.

Also a glimpse of Garibaldi at night: the famous rocks of the Three Graces that adorn this northern part of the bay, seen after dark. Interesting reflections from traffic light up the rocks in places, creating unusual curvy lines.

Another major Garibaldi attraction is the antique train rides – the Oregon Coast Railroad. These ancient beauties ride the rails almost daily in the summer and on a fairly busy schedule of specialist rides throughout the rest of the year.

You’ll find Garibaldi at the northern tip of Tillamook Bay, a stone’s throw from Barview and a few miles north of Bay City. Tillamook Bay Hotels – Where to eat – Maps and virtual tours of Tillamook

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