The Virginia Beach-based roaster is known for using premium beans with crisp, fruity flavors from different countries.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Author’s Note: The above video has been archived since December 2019.

If you’re looking to do something other than shopping on Black Friday, here’s an option for anyone who lives in 757 and loves coffee.

In the morning, Three Ships Coffee hosts tours of its new roaster in the Hilltop neighborhood of Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Beach roaster is known to use beans with naturally bright, fruity flavors from plantations in different countries, for which it pays extra over the base beans.

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The new Hilltop location is a 4,700 square foot space comprising the roasting facility, a café, a coffee lab for testing and training, and a temperature-controlled area for storing and packaging green coffee.

It recently opened on Jack Rabbit Road, joining the flagship location of the ViBe Creative District near Virginia Beach’s Oceanfront.

The roasting tours will take place on Friday morning with different time slots available. Three Ships co-founder Brad Ewing will lead them. You will be able to see how Three Ships roasts their coffee, as well as participate in a tasting and coffee tasting.

Tickets for the tours cost $ 25 and will come with a free bag of limited-edition North Star Holiday Coffee, a blend of beans sourced from Honduras and Ethiopia, the roaster said.