You can enhance your day at the beach this summer by racing your friends through a floating obstacle course. There’s a waterfront water park that makes for an epic day trip from Ottawa.

Aquazilla is a pair of inflatable water parks in Quebec and one is located on Oka Beach, just two hours from the city of Ottawa.

This summer attraction is made up of nested floating islands on a lake inlet along the Ottawa River where you can run, jump, bounce, slide and of course swim. There are trampolines, ladders, slides, a trapeze bar, and a number of different obstacles you can climb.

It’s open for the summer, so it’s the perfect time to plan a sunny day trip on the water. Safety is a top priority, so you will find lifeguards on site and wearing a life jacket is mandatory.

The second of the two water parks is on Jean-Doré Beach, about 20 minutes further from Ottawa, making it another doable day trip. The Oka branch is a little larger, with a capacity of 105 people compared to 90 people at Jean-Doré.

Prices differ slightly from location to location, with one-hour admission being $19 at Oka Beach and a day pass costing $31 per person. There are also season passes if you plan to return multiple times.

A reservation is not necessary in advance, but if you want to guarantee your place, you can buy a ticket online. You can also book beach parking online through the beach website if needed. You can take your time to relax on the shore after all the water activities.

Aquazilla at Oka Beach

Price: $19 for one hour, $31 for the day (excluding beach entry)

When: Open now until September 5, 2022

Address: 2020 Chem. d’Oka, Oka, QC

Why you need to go: You can race your friends and navigate obstacle courses on this floating water park that makes for an easy day trip from Ottawa.


Before you go, check out our responsible travel guide to be informed, be safe, be smart, and above all, be respectful on your adventure.