The Kokomo time band

The Kokomo Time Band enters the 23 year with good momentum and continuity from 2021. Those who have seen and heard the band over the past two years notice a strong increase in the band’s motivation and energy. . “We’re adding more fun old American tunes and beach party tunes to expand our ever-growing repertoire of fun and enjoyable tunes.” said band member Jim Steffan.

Here are some of those newly added songs: “Wild Thing” “Burning Love”, and “Beer in Mexico.” This approach makes the band perfect for events like luau parties, car shows, cruises, concerts and festivals.

Current band members include: Steffan, drums and bandleader; John Guras, keyboards and vocals; Bobby Allen,. guitar and vocals; John Cross, sax and vocals; and Howard McAvoy, lead guitar. “We have been blessed with incredible talent and attitude,” says Stefan. “We can play with ensembles of three, four or five to six musicians.”

The band is also known for playing Mardi Gras shows as well as Mexican nights like Tuesday Taco Nights, Rita Margarita Nights and Cinco de Mayo Nights. They have over 300 tracks including a number of Cajun Zydeco and Tex-Mex songs.

Over the years, the Kokomo Time Band has had the honor of playing for many quality events including: St. Hyacinth and Holy Trinity Festivals, St. Mary’s of the Angels and St. Bona Fests, Father Baker’s Church Fest, Orchard Park Carribean Nights for 10 Years, City of Niagara Falls Memorial Day and Independence Day Festivals, Hamburg Burger Fest, Erie County Fair, Buffalo Italian Festival, Fredonia farm festival and the Beach Bash and Heritage festivals in the city of Dunkirk. They’ve also had the honor of playing numerous concerts at community parks in Western New York and Pennsylvania, car shows, private parties, and even boat tours and cruises on the Summer. Wind, the Chautauqua Belle and the Miss Buffalo.

“We try to match our visual look to our music,” says Stefan. “We’re old school so to speak, kinda looking for Beach Boys. We jokingly call ourselves ‘the Festive Lookin’ band, feel good soundin’.

For more information about the band, visit the Facebook page under Kokomo Time Band or call Steffan at (716) 679-4311 or (716) 680-0348.

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