An excellent New Years Resolution came to me after asking readers for them, and that is from Don Soucy, the retired executive director of the Eastern Regional Little League. Don writes:

“I decide that Linda and I will be going to Florida earlier and earlier each year.”

Victoria Budnick, a front desk worker at Bristol Hospital for the emergency room, was taken aback when I asked her for a resolution. However, she found a good one despite the short notice:

“I suppose to be happy and healthy.”

(PS Next time you see Vickie ask to see her new, neat, heartfelt, brand new tattoo. It shows the gratitude and love she has for her family.)

Firefighter Paul Maghini has been teased over the years for his game of basketball, the one where he was a shooter. Playing for fire teams in recent years, he was known to have led the team in shooting attempts, never registering an assist. Paul writes of his New Year’s resolution for 2022:

“It’s to register an assist.”

(Note: Paul’s daughter Hannah, a former Bristol Eastern High star, is a senior and co-captain this season for the WestConn women’s basketball team. She can shoot AND register assists! I guess that she learned to shoot by playing hoop with her father in their driveway at home, but had to learn to pass the ball on her own.)

Paul DiNoia, a frequent contributor, sent me the following resolution wishes:

“To get until June, when I’m 90 and a new pair of legs.” The ones I have now are shot.


The Harlen Globetrotters were in Hartford last weekend for a game against their rival Washington team. Among those taking part in the match were Bristol’s Mark Lombardo, his son Preston and two of Preston’s friends.

With this game played close by, Bruce Alexsavich – Bristol Eastern class of ’65 – left me a message reminding readers that the “Trotters” appeared at the old Bristol Armory at the time, and added the fact. that there were also pros. wrestling matches organized in the establishment.

Tid-Bits by Kathy Kalwat

Kathy Johnson Kalwat, a resident of New Britain, left me a phone message saying that the late Arthur and Hazel Ebb of Forestville had a golf driving range in the 1940s and that it was located where Westfarms Mall now occupied. .

Kathy also remembers that I wrote about the Beach family in a column not too long ago. She added that there was a Barbara Beach in Southington who had never married and was a music teacher in the 1930s and 1940s. (Note: The story Kathy was referring to was a “Builders of Bristol ”on Henry Lee Beach, which was written by Lisa Bell-Doyle, Marilyn Simmons and Eleanor Wilson.)

Emonds “Troops”

I mentioned Tom Emonds in Wednesday’s column, and after reading it Chuck Bergeron added something special about “Troop”, and that is the fact that our subject, a Marine Corps Captain , has spent two tours in Vietnam. I had spoken of this once before after paying some sort of tribute to this 1962 Bristol Eastern High graduate. I remember Tom playing basketball when I was at the King Street Education Center:

“Hello, Tom, if this column gets past you.” I was a year behind you in school and I remember you well.

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