Between our abundance of outdoor concert venues, our big music festivals, and our plethora of small auditoriums, Chicago truly is a perfect music city in the summer. (Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a perfect city in the winter months, it just takes a little more energy to remember that.)

Below are all the can’t-miss gigs from this week through Labor Day weekend.

‘Cause you’ve had “Goodbye Earl” stuck in your head for 23 years (and counting)

Because if “watching Rufus Wainwright sing a night of Judy Garland covers” isn’t already on your to-do list, it definitely should be.

Because when will you get the chance to see one of Chicago’s biggest stars at one of Chicago’s most beloved summer spots?

‘Cause that tie-dye shirt is burning a hole in your closet

Because you can tell everyone that your van is parked out front. (We won’t tell anyone you really took the red line.)

‘Cause it turns out Andy’s brother from Office is also an international superstar

‘Cause you wish you’d learned to play the trombone like that in an 8th grade band

‘Cause it doesn’t take a million dollars to see these legends in concert

Because nothing says summer like an outdoor Jack Johnson concert

Because forget the graphics – we all know the best part of video games are the soundtracks

Because you have six chances over a three-night residency to see one of the best artists currently on tour, so you might as well go several times

‘Cause even after all these years all you want is to have fun

‘Cause your Uncle Randy is gonna be so jealous that you went to that show

‘Cause it’s time to break out those dusty dance skills

Because it’s your annual weekend to cosplay as a hipster

Because your niece has great taste in music

Because, let’s be real, Weird Al’s versions are better than the originals anyway.

Because you don’t want to miss your last chance to see a legend perform live

Because Leslie is much more than the guy from hamilton

Because you are still thinking about that Super Bowl halftime show

‘Cause you can pretend all the Beach Boys songs are written on our own Lake Michigan

Because every year you swear it will be the last time you go…until you see how awesome next year’s lineup is

‘Cause they don’t make boy bands like they used to

Because you don’t want to miss your last time hearing the Rocket Man live. (Not including karaoke night.)

‘Cause you were looking for an excuse to wear your raw meat dress

Because you finally understand the double meaning of “Californication”

Because 14 Grammys can’t be wrong

Because we challenge you to name a better band that also bears the name of an Austrian Archduke

Because Bad Bunny is worth dealing with Soldier Field traffic

Because if you sing loud enough, you might end up in the next season of The voice

Because there are only two types of people in this world: Leon Bridges fans and people who haven’t heard Leon Bridges yet.

Because now is your chance to see Mr. Worldwide in your own backyard

‘Cause it’s more than your favorite Christmas album

Because where else will you see two of hip-hop’s most influential artists on the same stage?

Because spending Labor Day weekend with The Boss seems pretty good when The Boss is Diana Ross