Inglewood, California is a town in south central Los Angeles that was incorporated over a hundred years ago with a few hundred residents. The city grew to more than one hundred thousand inhabitants. It is popular with tourists and visitors as it is centrally located to some of the city’s best attractions with decent access to the airport. Public transport will take you wherever you want to go. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a mini-guide with suggestions for twenty of the best things to do while visiting Inglewood.

California Science Center

20. Visit the California Science Center

The California Science Center is one of the top attractions for singles, couples, and families. It has a little something for everyone. Plan to spend two to three hours to see it all and take part in the interesting activities. It’s fun for kids and will keep them busy for hours with educational activities. It takes fifteen minutes to get there from Inglewood, following Interstate 110. Learn about the natural world, technology, engineering, art and culture, and space.

Attend a show at the Forum

19. Catch a show at the Forum

The Forum is one of the most popular places to go to see a live performance. The Forum hosts some of the biggest artists in the music industry, but you’ll need to purchase tickets in advance. It’s an indoor venue that seats nearly 20,000 people, but tickets sell out fast for trending numbers.

Marymount Loyola University

18. Admire the view from Marymount Loyola University

Marymount Loyola University is a private school, but it’s open to the public for sports and for visitors who want to take in the great views from the cliffs. You can enjoy panoramic views of Inglewood and grab a bite to eat at one of the campus restaurants.

Westchester Golf Course

17. Play a Round at Westchester Golf Course

If you are an avid golfer or have one in your group, Westchester Golf Course is the perfect place to visit Inglewood. It’s the perfect size for golfers who want to play a full round in less time as it’s 1/3 shorter than most golf courses. It is one of the few golf courses in Inglewood that has enough lighting to play evening matches. you can find out more about Westchester Golf Course by visiting its official website. At just a tick over 4,300 yards, Westchester Golf Course is approximately 1/3 shorter than most traditional 18-hole courses, making it a perfect choice for golfers looking to squeeze in a full lap without spending four or five hours on the course.

Autry Museum of the American West

16. Visit the Autry Museum of the American West

The big city and its many suburbs can make you forget the fascinating history of the region. This is the heart of the old west where many of the legends and stories we hear originated. The Autry Museum of the American West is located in Griffith Park, not far north of Inglewood. It is an educational institution that offers performances, multiple constantly changing temporary exhibitions, fairs, festivals, Western souvenirs, works of art, etc. It is a must see for anyone visiting Inglewood.

Burbank Aviation Museum

15. Visit the Burbank Aviation Museum

Are you a pilot or an aviation history buff? If so, the Burbank Aviation Museum is an entertaining choice. The museum houses many permanent exhibits with restored vintage aircraft and more modern models. Discover the stories of the men and women involved in the aviation industry, as well as the history of engineering, aeronautics and aviation through the exhibits.

Sony Pictures Studio Tour

14. Take the Sony Pictures Studio Tour

The Sony Pictures Studio is a top destination for tourists visiting Inglewood. It’s on Washington Boulevard in Culver City, a few miles north of Inglewood. Visitors can book a tour to learn about the collection of movie memorabilia that takes you back to the beginning of cinema. This is one of the most popular tours in the area, led by professional and knowledgeable staff.


13. Spend the day at the fairgrounds

Exposition Park is one of the best places to visit when visiting Inglewood. It is a short drive out of town to the State Drive entrance. The first thing you’ll see is the grand rose garden, created in the 1920s. Pack a picnic or photograph the birds and other wildlife. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the region. There are plenty of amenities nearby.

Hawthorne Aquatic Center

12. Take the kids to the Hawthorne Aquatic Center

The Hawthorne Aquatic Center is an inexpensive place to take the whole family for an afternoon of heat relief and fun in the water. The center offers swimming pools for everyone, from toddlers to adults. You will find bathrooms, showers and changing rooms for your convenience. It’s a great way to escape the Southern California heat in the summer.

Brewery of the three weavers

11. Visit the Three Weavers Brewing Company

The Three Weavers Brewing Company is located at 1031 W Manchester Blvd in Inglewood. Visit the tasting room to sample their vast collection of craft beers that earn the highest ratings in town. It’s a friendly establishment with a laid-back atmosphere that offers a great place to unwind and try something new. If you like craft beer, this is one of the most recommended breweries in the area.

Wende Museum

10. Spend the afternoon at the Wende Museum

The Wende Museum is the place to visit if you only have time for one museum visit. It houses a collection of world-class works of art, some of which are priceless. the Wende Museum is a short drive from Inglewood in Culver City. Plan to spend a few hours there to see all of its contents, including memorabilia and artwork from Poland, Romania, Hungary, the former Soviet Union, and more. It’s not far from Sony Pictures Studio.

Eucalyptus Skating Park

9. Take your board to Eucalyptus Skate Park

Is there a skateboarder in your group? Eucalyptus Skate Park is an experience that all visiting skaters must enjoy. It’s one of the best skate parks in town. It is a large park that offers various platforms for skaters, from beginners to experts. Here you will find snake tracks, slides, handrails, ramps and other challenges. You can stop by the local skate shop if you haven’t brought your board and gear.

Dockweiler Beach

8. Visit Dockweiler Beach

Dockweiler Beach offers visitors one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline. It is part of the parks network and is open to the public. Whether you are alone, as a couple or with your family, it is a wonderful place to spend the day until the evening. You will find several amenities including volleyball nets, restrooms, picnic tables, fire rings, and more. Beach hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.

Hungry Joes

7. Eat at Jamaican restaurant Hungry Joe’s

Hungry Joe’s is the best place to go if you are with friends or family with diverse food preferences. The restaurant specializes in authentic Jamaican cuisine and offers a good selection of vegan and non-vegan dishes. The prices are reasonable and the portions are huge. If you are a fan of Jamaican cuisine, you must visit Jamaican restaurant Hungry Joe’s.

Randy's Donuts

6. Try the donuts at Randy’s Donuts

Randy’s Donuts is an establishment and a must in Inglewood. Anyone visiting the city stops by Randy’s Donuts to try the different flavors the establishment has to offer. It’s at 805 West Manchester Blvd Inglewood. You’ll know by the giant donut on the building. The restaurant has been featured in many films, including “Mars Attacks!”, “Iron Man 2”, and others.

Hobbit house

5. Take the kids to the Hobbit house

The Hobbit’s house is a few miles down the road from Culver City. If you are visiting Inglewood with the family, this is the ideal attraction for children. It’s listed as one of California’s sights and it’s like stepping into a different world at a different age. The Hobbit House gives you an idea of ​​what it would be like to walk through the door to Middle-earth. You will find quaint houses, a troll village and a beautiful forest. The environment is as you would expect to find in the Shire. It’s a magical and enchanting experience that every child will love.

sand dune park

4. Visit Sand Dunes Park

Sand Dune Park is an exclusive area that requires a reservation. It is on a public beach used by professional and amateur athletes for training. The surrounding area is beautiful. It served as the backdrop for some fitness magazine stories. It is one of the best training spots. You might even spot someone famous in the dunes. It’s on Manhattan Beach. You will find plenty of amenities with indoor and outdoor facilities, a sports court, restaurants and swimming pools. It is essential to book your Sand Dune reservations online in advance. Visitors are usually 13 or older and you can only stay one hour per person per day. You must present a valid ID and register with the attendant upon arrival. Equipment and material rental is also available on site.

Miracle Theater

3. Catch a show at the Miracle Theater

The Miracle Theater is one of the best places to watch unique shows on various topics. The theater also hosts top notch guest speakers, musicians, performers and performers. For example, March 2022’s four-week series was The FlyPoet Spoken Word and Music Showcase, combining poetry, music and spoken word in a unique cultural experience.

Temporal Escape Rooms

2. Buy Back In Time Escape Room Tickets

You can choose the escape room for you and your teammates. These are private escape rooms that challenge your wits with unique missions that you and your group of friends or family must work together to solve. It is a game for three to four or more members.

dream landscape

1. Get lost in Dreamscape

Dreamscape is a virtual reality adventure that lets you choose from multiple themes. You will discover new worlds and places in your VR journey. The experience is like being there in real time. If you love tech or the adventure of a lifetime, visit the Dreamscape website to book your experience on a fantastic trip you won’t soon forget.