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When you step out of the shower (or tub, or pool, or gym locker room…), the last thing you want to reach for is a wet, stinky towel that hasn’t dried properly. yuck. That’s where quick-drying towels come in – no one has time to wait for a towel to dry or deal with smelly, bacteria-infested mold. Instead, you deserve the absorbency, durability, and convenience of quick-drying towels.

If you’re ready to take a stand against damp bath sheets for good, keep a close eye on the material’s composition. While plush towels may feel soft against your skin, their dense curls take for all time to dry. Instead, look for lightweight, quick-drying cotton or cotton-blend towels, sewn in a waffle pattern or other innovative weaves. This will allow the moisture to evaporate faster. Microfiber is another must-have material, as it dries in a flash, even after being drenched in water or sweat. Prime! These luxury textiles will also make your bathroom feel a bit more spa-like.

Say it with me: no more wet towels. Already! Scroll down for the best quick dry towels for both home and beach and never be bummed out again.

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Best Quick Dry Bath Towels

West Elm Organic Quick Dry Textured Bath Towel — $20.00

These West Elm towels promise to dry quickly, it’s stated in the product name. Although on the thicker side weighing 500 grams, the 100% organic cotton towels are somehow still lightweight. (Don’t ask us how.) Their ribbed texture ensures the towels dry in no time, and the sewn-in loop makes it easy to hang, too. Choose from the eight colors available, but our favorites are Pink Stone and Dark Horseradish.

brooklinen ultralight, the best quick-drying towels

Brooklinen, ultralight bath towels — $49.00

Ultralight = ultra fast drying. These Brooklinen towels, which come in a set of two, are made from 100% Turkish cotton and are the fastest drying of any of the brand’s towels. They’re equally absorbent and lightweight, weighing in at 320 grams, but don’t let their feather-lightness fool you, they’re incredibly strong.

Since they’re so thin, they’re an especially great option if you’re short on wardrobe space (who isn’t?), and they also make ideal towels for wrapping hair.

What the critics say: “These pads are perfect – thin, light and super absorbent,” Brookline customer.

parachute waffle towels, best quick dry towels

Parachute, waffle towels — $50.00

If you’ve got your eye on Parachute’s beloved waffle towels, consider this your sign to hit “Add to Cart.” There are plenty of reasons why they’re a fan favorite, with the fact that they dry out fast at the top of this list. They’re also beautiful, with a honeycomb weave and lightweight feel that makes you think you’re somewhere far more glamorous than your own bathroom.

What the reviews say: “How can I love a towel so much?” This spa-like luxury is unsurpassable,” — Parachute customer.

onsen bath towel, best quick dry towels

Onsen, Bath Towel — $50.00

These quick-drying towels by Onsen are both pretty and practical. (Our favorite wetsuit for, well, anything.) Their lightweight, open-weave design dries quickly after each use and gets better and better as time goes on and the waffle weave deepens. Compared to fluffy terry bath towels, they are about 30% lighter and 50% less bulky. The fact that they’re made from the softest, smoothest American supima cotton? The icing on the cake.

What the reviews say: “These towels are simply the best. They do everything your regular towel does, only better. They are soft, lighter, more absorbent and dry faster,” — Onsen customer.

Citizenry agean cotton, best quick dry towels

The Citizenry, Aegean Cotton Bath Towels – $100.00

Whether you prefer cotton or linen, these towels from The Citizenry, which come as a set of two, hence the price, are the best of both worlds. They’re both organic cotton (which is ultra-breathable) and casual linen, with a lightweight waffle-weave exterior and plush French terry interior. Plus, they dry quickly, both your body and the towel itself. You can feel good spending big bucks on these bath towels knowing they’re sustainably made in a fair working environment.

What the reviews say: “It looks great, it’s super soft and has held up perfectly to several washes so far”, – The Citizenry customer.

coyuchi air weight best quick dry towels

Coyuchi, Organic Air Weight Towels – $48.00

“Dense, durable and exceptionally thirsty” – That’s how Coyuchi describes his fan-favorite Air Weight towels, which are super absorbent. Their twill weave dries both quickly and efficiently, so you’ll feel dry quickly, just like your towel. They are available in a range of earthy colors and are all made from 100% organic cotton grown and woven in India.

What the reviews say: “I was looking for towels that would dry quickly to prevent odors, but still feel great to the touch. These are perfect! — Customer Coyuchi.

Homebird Classic Bath Sheet Set — $118.00

While these Homebird towels look and feel plush, they’re also incredibly lightweight. This helps them dry quickly and avoid any musty towel (ew) smell, instead they stay fresh wash after wash, and between washes too. They are available in two styles: solid colors or white with colored piping for a modern twist on a minimalist look. The best part is that they’re ethically produced in fair trade factories made with 100% organic cotton.

What the reviews say: “I love these towels! They just feel..not too heavy or light. And they’re absorbent,” — Homebird customer.

Best Quick Dry Beach Towels

Cloud of sand, XL towel — $72.00

Few beach towels are as soft, sand resistant and absorbent as those from Sand Cloud, and they are designed for a good cause. The towels (which dry incredibly quickly, BTW) are made from 100% Turkish organic cotton, which is better for the environment than polyester or other fabrics. Plus, 10% of brand profits are donated to marine conservation, making the beaches and oceans where you bring your towels cleaner and better protected. Seriously, get one of these bad boys.

What the reviews say: “Love how huge this towel is! It’s perfect for outdoor activities! It dries fast and is really soft. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s still holding up great! — Customer Sand Cloud.

dock and bay, best quick dry towels

Dock and bay, beach towel — $16.00

We’ve all been there: rolling up a wet, sandy beach towel, succumbing to the fact that it leaves streaks of sand and a damp towel smell everywhere it goes. No more! These Dock & Bay beach towels dry three times faster than standard cotton towels, making beach days and pool parties even more fun.

What the reviews say: “Our linen closet is overflowing with pool towels and we are constantly waiting for towels to dry and new ones to come out. These fold up into such a small size, they are super light and they dry you out after just one pass. The best thing is that they dry very quickly and don’t have that wet towel smell,” — Amazon customer.

sun cube microfiber, best quick dry towels

Sun Cube, microfiber beach towel — $16.00

Before heading out on your next camping adventure, pick up a few of these microfiber beach towels. They’re quick-drying, sand-resistant, and come with a mesh travel pouch. So whether you’re going camping, to the beach, or to the pool, these are easy-to-carry essentials.

What the reviews say: “I first bought these towels for swimming and bathing on a camping trip, but I’m now completely converted to using them for any water feature. They fold up so small, are great lightweight, absorbs beautifully, is soft and dries quickly,” — Amazon customer.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.