Our first summer weekend has arrived and our forecast includes beach weather.

If you’re spending the afternoon in an inland city, that’s where you’ll have more heat and humidity. Popular activities today will be ice cream, convertibles, swimming pools, evening barbecues and sunbathing. As long as you know the forecast for each of the outdoor activities this weekend, you’re good to go.

If you’re going to the beach: you want to make sure the temperatures won’t be as hot as our indoor venues; moreover, there is a moderate risk of rip currents. The recommendation is to always swim close to a lifeguard. The force of the rip currents will tire any adult if they try to swim against it. The best thing to do in such a situation is to swim parallel to the coast and get out of it. If you’re unsure of your swimming skills, it’s always nice to soak up the sun on the sand and cool off a bit by walking along the water where your knees aren’t covered.

If you do garden work: avoid peak hours or long exposure to the sun. Be sure to use appropriate clothing such as long sleeves, bright colors and a hat to help block the strong UV index. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes and drink plenty of water. Constant breaks in the shade will bring relief and prevent the risk of heat exhaustion.

A harmless thing like walking our dogs this afternoon may require special attention as asphalt heats up quickly and an 85 degree day can heat concrete and asphalt to over 100 degrees at the height of the day. At 125 degrees, the skin on your pup’s paws can be burned in 60 seconds.

We will be watching for 90 degree days on Saturday and Sunday which poses a risk to dogs if they go out during the hottest hours. The best thing to do is to go out for a walk/jog early in the morning or at sunset.

Showers will set in on Monday with the passage of a cold front and this will bring relief to temperatures, highs will drop to 70 degrees by Tuesday but further warming is on the way by the end of our working week . Our 10-day forecast calls for a chance of rain and thunderstorms over the 4th of July weekend.

Stay safe and hydrated this weekend, enjoy!