FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida. – Spring break in Fort Lauderdale has been pretty quiet so far this year, especially compared to the Miami Beach scene.

So far over spring break, Fort Lauderdale police have only made 14 arrests.

“Spring break. I’m here to have fun with my friends, relax, settle down,” said Hermish Adarkwaah, who is visiting South Florida from New York.

Restaurants were busy Monday night, but even with the biggest crowds, locals say it’s been pretty quiet this year.

“It’s beautiful here, I always come here for holidays because I feel safe here,” said Dana Lozito. “There is a beautiful day life and more party life at night.”

Some of the Monday beachgoers said they preferred Fort Lauderdale’s quieter atmosphere over Miami Beach.

“Miami is a lot of people, people don’t follow the rules, it’s different,” said Maria Arango. “You come here, it’s okay, you relax.”

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Fort Lauderdale police said they had no major incidents or issues related to the spring break season. They mention that they have only made three arrests on the beach and 11 in downtown Fort Lauderdale for various spring break-related offenses.

Either way, officers are keeping a watchful eye, and Fort Lauderdale Fire Department rescue crews are camping on the beach in case of an emergency.

Spring break is expected to last until April 3.

In Fort Lauderdale, alcohol is prohibited on the beach, as well as tents, tables and coolers.

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