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If you ask us, there’s no better way to celebrate the return of warm weather than with a new dress – or two. This is especially the case if you have a fun trip planned this summer, which means you’ll need lots of flowy sundresses on hand for the pool, sightseeing days, dinner parties and everything in between. .

Looking for something versatile yet trendy to take on the go? Lucky for you, Amazon shoppers have found the ultimate summer dress in the Floerns Two Piece Set. Available in 12 fashion-forward colors and sizes from XS to XL, the reviewer-favorite Amazon dress features a matching bandeau-style top and maxi skirt – and it’s utterly comfortable and stylish.

As it is made of 100% rayon, the two piece set is soft to the touch, breathable and stretchy – not so much that it loses its shape, but rather, the fabric ensures that you can move around comfortably and freely. For added airflow, the skirt has two slits that hit just above the kneecap. Not only does this keep things airy, but it prevents you from tripping over extra fabric by giving you full mobility. Speaking of the skirt, it also comes equipped with two roomy pockets that can discreetly store phones, keys, face masks and other travel essentials.

As for the top, say the buyers that it stays in place (even after hours of wearing) and does not stretch. For some carriers, it’s quite favorable that they felt comfortable without a bra, and many have noted that the material is not transparent. Many reviewers were also happy to report that the combination of the long hem of the top and the high waist of the skirt gave them ample coverage while creating an outfit that felt ″fluid and summery″ as well as “sexy” and “put together.”

Wondering how to integrate the Floerns Two Piece Set in your travel wardrobe? Shoppers said it makes a great blanket for days at the beach and pool, as well as casual wear for activities like brunch and visit amusement parks. With the right shoes and accessories, others said they got lucky wearing the two-piece Amazon slated for formal dinners and events. Since it’s so versatile, you can definitely wear both the bandeau top and the maxi skirt. by them selveswhich means you’ll have so many outfit possibilities, all without adding bulk to your luggage, we might add.

Give yourself the Floerns Two Piece Set on Amazon today. Based on all the rave reviews it’s received, we’re sure you’ll want to stock up on several colors.