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  • Hot air balloon flight tips for beginners

Nothing is more breathtaking than a panoramic view of the New York landscape. In recent years, hot air balloon rides have become increasingly popular, with thousands of tourists seeking a whole new perspective of New York City from a bird’s eye view. Hot air balloon rides soar hundreds of meters above beautiful lakes, hills, valleys, lush vegetation and sometimes exotic wildlife.

Hot air balloon rides are great for fun outdoor activities like birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, hot air balloon festivals and other special occasions. Hot air ballooning can be love at first sight for many tourists, and the following top-rated tours guarantee a breathtaking experience of New York City from above.


Above all hot air balloon rides

As an experienced hot air balloon company in New York, Above All Balloon Rides takes air travel to the next level. From a view from the sky, hovering alongside birds of prey, tourists can observe all types of wildlife like deer in the Highland forest. Travelers can also choose to slide down hills or float over waterfalls for an adrenaline-pumping experience. In addition, tourists are encouraged to participate fully in inflating the balloon before the flight.

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Above All Balloon Rides can last between three and four hours, where tourists fly over the Syracuse area, central New York and the Cazenovia area. Prior to the tour, travelers receive pre-flight information that improves a balance of maximum safety and enjoyment throughout the air journey.

Hot air ballooning begins at sunrise, as this is when the winds are calmest. However, the lead time is not negotiable due to fixed timings in the daylight window. In addition to hot air balloon rides, the company offers other services and activities such as hot air balloon rides, hot air balloon rides, and static balloon displays.

  • Launch locations: Enders Road, Highland Forest, Jamesville Beach and Cazenovia Area
  • Prices: $300 per adult for shared rides, $800 for private couple rides

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Sunkiss Hot Air Balloon

Ever wanted to experience a dizzying flight that dates back to 1872? Sunkiss Ballooning provides a great floating ride for tourists from all over New York. Whether with friends or family, tourists can enjoy breathtaking views of the vast New York landscape under the colorful canopy of a hot air balloon.

Hot air balloons are always a memorable way to spend a day or vacation, and this company is a favorite with locals. Sunkiss Ballooning offers professional hot air balloon rides over scenic upstate New York farmland, the rolling hills of Vermont, Saratoga Springs and the queen of America’s lakes, Lake George.

Sunkiss Ballooning hot air balloon services are designed for comfort. Not only will tourists fly with an experienced pilot with over 3,000 flight hours, but they will also be in an observation space custom-designed for safety and luxury. Balloons fly in the morning and late afternoon, as most Sunkiss Ballooning schedules depend on sunrises and sunsets. Plus, travelers can feel like royalty with the post-flight Champagne toast after a successful tour.

  • Meeting place : 40 Media Drive, Queensbury, NY.
  • Prices: From $275 to $500 per person, depending on the chosen travel package

Fantastic balloon flights

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of New York is to spend a few hours with Fantasy Balloon Flights. It’s also a great honeymoon idea for daring couples. The tour company takes travelers peacefully above the waterfalls, treetops, and beautiful landscape of the entire Hudson Valley region, offering breathtaking views. Flights with this airline open tourists up to a whole new world, with magical aerial adventures experienced by romantic couples and groups seeking outdoor entertainment.

Fantastic hot air balloon rides cross the Hudson Valley, Orange County and New York’s Lower Catskills. The balloons are available in different sizes, accommodating up to 12 passengers and a pilot. Tourists can also charter a hot air balloon ride, a great way to party with family or friends while cruising in the gentle New York breeze.

Celebrating 38 years in business, the company’s passion and experience deliver unforgettable journeys backed by FAA-licensed commercial pilots and great deals on flight packages. The fantasy balloon flights have been featured on shows like Discovery Channel’s “Orange County Choppers” and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

  • Launch locations: Middletown, New York
  • Prices: From $210 per person and $800 for a private charter for two

Hot air balloon flight tips for beginners

Fulfilling a bucket list wish comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement. So here is a list of tips for beginners who want to have an enjoyable hot air balloon experience.

  • Dress casually, preferably flat shoes and layered clothing for a more comfortable ride
  • Sunglasses are essential in a hot air balloon. When the sun rises or sets, many tourists prefer tinted shades to block out the sun and prevent eye damage.
  • Make sure you are in good health. Most hot air balloon companies advise tourists against flying with neck, hip or back problems. For travelers with a history of medical problems, it is advisable to consult a doctor before embarking on the journey.
  • The best way to ensure safety starts with attending the pre-flight briefing by the pilot and flight crew, where tourists are given vital information on how to perform fun activities during the tour safely.

Hot air ballooning is arguably one of man’s oldest methods of flight. The good news is that travelers can still enjoy that thrill in the modern world. Hot air balloon activities are suitable for all ages, where tourists come to marvel at the breathtaking beauty of New York.