According to the statement offered by the PGA, the tournaments corresponding to the circuit and the LPGA, which take place in China, will be canceled for another year due to the coronavirus. The tournament which started in 2005 and was played until 2019, due to the pandemic, will be canceled for the third consecutive year.

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“We have been working with all of the tours, as well as the China Golf Association, for the feasibility of being able to play the WGC-HSBC Champions this fall. Unfortunately, the logistical implications caused the difficult decision to cancel the event”.

The PGA Tour’s international vice-president, Christian Hardy, assured it. This tournament is considered the biggest golf event in Asia. The last winner was Irishman Rory McIlroy, in 2019. This tournament nets the winner a prize of a generous sum of $10.5 million.

This is the big reason for the high prestige of the championship. The PGA Tour is an organization that looks after the major professional golf tours in the United States. Its headquarters are in Ponte Vedra Beach, a suburb of Jacksonville, Florida.

Its official name is written in all caps, or “PGA TOUR”. The PGA Tour became an organization in its own right in 1968 when it split from the PGA of America, which is now primarily an association of golf professionals, such as masters and clubs. managers.

Tournament players first formed their own organization, the Association of Professional Golfers (APG). Later, in 1968, the players abolished the APG and agreed to operate as the “Tournament Players Division” of the PGA, a fully autonomous division of the PGA, under the supervision of a new policy board tournament of 10 members.

The name then officially became “PGA Tour” in 1975. In 1981, he had a marketing dispute with the PGA of America and decided to officially change his name. From the end of August of that year, it becomes “TPA Tour”, which stands for “Tournament Players Association”. The dispute was resolved within seven months, and the name of the tour reverted to “PGA Tour” in March. 1982.