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North Myrtle Beach City Council redefines ‘parks’ to allow commercial use

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) — The North Myrtle Beach City Council has approved an amendment to change the definition of park and sports complex and public park and recreation facilities.

Staff proposed an amendment to the text of the zoning ordinance revising the park definitions to permit sustained commercial and/or revenue-generating activities to occur within these uses.

The definition changes give city leaders some flexibility to address things like kayak tours, launches to public landings and future sport tourism needs.

City staff said the change will allow business partnership agreements on public lands.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on March 22, 2022 and voted unanimously to recommend approval to City Council as submitted. There was no public comment.

The definitions will read as follows, text in fat is new:

Park and sports complex: One hundred (100) acres or more of publicly owned land with sports fields, active and/or passive recreation facilities and regional attractions such as, but not limited to, zip lines and water parks and associated facilities and activities, dog parks, cycling/hiking trails, water activities and entertainment/gathering places. These facilities may also have incidental on-site sales and consumption of food, legal beverages, gifts, clothing, ticket sales, paid recreational activitiesrental of equipment and similar activities.

Public park and recreation facilities: Any non-commercial park, playground or other recreational facility and/or open space officially designated as a public park or recreational facility, including community centers, passive and active outdoor uses and indoor uses, and all associated structures to these uses. Supporting commercial activities such as the sale of food and merchandise, sports, recreation and tourist activities, etc., are permitted in parks with the approval of the City, whether through direct management, sponsorship or franchising.

To read the order in its entirety, Click here.

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