If you’ve ever seen the Shark Tank TV show, you know how hard it is to sell your product to “sharks” who are millionaire entrepreneurs looking for new products to expand their empire.

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

WellSpring Lake, New Jersey’s Leslie Hsu and her husband Greg Besner created an easy-to-carry beach chair with straps to throw over your back and equipped with a sun shade and a waterproof bag that will hold phones, keys and wallets. The innovative couple also wanted the beach chair to look good.

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The couple and their two daughters sold their Sunflow beach chair over the holidays in 2020 at pop-up stores, online and at Short Hills Mall. They had a lot of success. People suggested they go on the Shark Tank TV show and they did.

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

The beach chair without all the accessories sells for nearly $200.00 and for the full set of accessories including a matching towel you will get nearly $300.00.

Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

They got on Shark Tank and a “shark” worried about the “high price”. After trying out the chair and intense negotiations and the couple saying they were on track to achieve sales this year with a whopping 400% increase, a few ‘sharks’ got into some heavy negotiations and the Jersey couple finally agreed to a $1 million infusion with a 5% royalty for the first million dollars, then continue with a 5% return on each chair. The offer was accepted from the “shark” “Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary.

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

Screenshot via YouTube / ABC YouTube channel

It’s good to see a couple and a small business from Jersey gaining recognition and success, especially on the Jersey Shore. You can check out the beach chair at getunflow.com and check out a clip from the show below, good luck. Beach chairs for sale, Chris Christie sold separately.

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