A modern style can sometimes feel daunting as it’s commonly seen as neutral and spacious, so trying to update your hallways can be a little tricky. Whether you have a lot of space to work with, or just enough to open the door and take your shoes off, here are some modern hallways ideas to really spice up your entrance.

Warm It Up

The hallway is the first part of the house you step into, so you need it to be welcoming. If you step in from a freezing wintery day, you want it to be warm and comforting, not cold and harsh. Now hallways aren’t probably the most used room in your home, so you might not want to just fit a regular heater that will push up your energy bill. Instead, opt for energy efficient radiators as they can provide you with adequate heat but without using as much energy. Most suppliers offer them in a range of different styles too, so even if you don’t have much space, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.

Bring In Some Light

You might think that the standard ceiling lamp you have for your hallway is perfectly fine. And though it may give you sufficient light, you could greatly improve the design. Take a look at pendant lighting as it provides a soft, warm glow which is perfect for creating an inviting entrance. Adding lamps can also be beneficial, especially if you don’t have a lot of natural light.

Add Some Art

The entrance to your home is the first peek of your personality, so really let it shine through. You could hang your favorite pieces of art or even go as far as creating a gallery wall. Filling the blank walls with beautiful pieces will captivate your guests the second they walk in the door.


Storage can be a problem in hallways as you might have limited space and some storage can be so bulky. Instead of opting for heavy cabinets, why not try more slimline options? Storage ladders offer plenty of shelving to hold your possessions, but also, they don’t close off the area and can elongate the height of the room with their stature.

Continue The Outdoors

Sometimes you might not want to fill your hallway with lots of art, but you still want to bring some color. If you prefer a more natural finish, add some indoor plants to your entrance and bring the outside in with you.

Check The Reflection

The last thing you do before stepping out the door is a quick check of your reflection to make sure you’re ready to go, so why not invest in some interesting mirrors. If you have a small space to work with, using mirrors can open up the area and create a feeling of openness. To really bring the modern style to your hallway, opt for soft shapes and neutral colors to allow the reflection to be the main focus. Mirrors can also make a subtle statement without drawing attention away from the other pieces you may have like art or foliage.

The goal to creating a modern, finished entrance look is to have simple, yet interesting furnishings. You also want to make sure the hallway flows well with the rest of your home too, so if you have a gallery wall in the next room, maybe steer away from it in the hall. Don’t let any misconceptions you may have about a modern style limit your creativity. Allow your personality to come through when you select your pieces, and your entrance will be one to envy.