PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla .– Children and adults alike learn to play tennis through Love Serving Autism. Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix is ​​the founder.

“We offer specialized therapeutic tennis lessons, including behavioral speech therapy and occupational therapy for children and adults with autism,” she said. “We have 18 locations in Florida and we have four out-of-state programs during the summer.”


Although the organization offers tennis lessons to those on the Spectrum year-round, this week it’s a summer camp at the Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center.

“I think the consistency of a routine like tennis or the school environment, I think it helps decrease anxiety and increases their overall well-being,” Pugliese-LaCroix said.

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Now the organization is on a mission to secure funding from Tallahassee to expand its services to help more people on the spectrum in addition to adding staff.

Samie Lesperance is a tennis coach for Love Serving Autism.

“The funding would go to build the facility, so we have to get started first,” Lesperance said. “Lisa is looking to have clay courts, hard courts, then pickleball courts.”

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Andrew Breines is a parent. His son Noah loves the program.

“The first thing is socializing because if we weren’t there we would probably be home with mum and his sister. He seems to really enjoy it. He loves Lisa. And when I showed him the shirt. that we had last time this morning, he was all excited to come, ”said Breines. “And that was great. Whenever we get close that way, he’s always looking to see if we stop here.”

For more information on the organization, click on here.