Kourtney Kardashian shows off her Kardashian curves! The reality star rocks a ripped swimsuit in her latest super fit and gorgeous Instagram story, teasing a weight loss story on her lifestyle website Poosh. How does Kardashian’s older sister maintain her famous figure? Read on to see 7 of Kourtney Kardashian’s top tips for staying in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

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Kourtney, who recently gained weight during IVF treatments because the drugs she received caused her to go through menopause, has major self-esteem whether she’s the thinnest or the most curvy. “I’m a woman with a BODY,” she wrote in response to a user asking if she was expecting when she gained some weight. “It’s me when I have a few extra pounds, and I love it,” she told a follower on another body shaming incident. “I’ve given birth three incredible times and that’s my body shape.”

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Kourtney has dabbled in diets, including keto, but her main goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat as organic as possible, and keep gluten to a minimum. She recently revealed on Poop that she spent six to seven months “adapting” to a plant-based lifestyle. “If you’re considering going vegan, you can make the switch in small waves if it’s easier for you,” the post suggests. “Start by replacing meat with plant-based options once a week and work your way up from there. Kourt admits that when she first started out, she couldn’t resist and ate a baked crab roll for dinner for the first few weeks. It’s all about balance and finding how and when you’re comfortable incorporating the changes into your lifestyle.”

Like her famous sisters, Kourtney exercises regularly “I think I make time to work out every day, which I never have, especially since I have three young children,” he said. she told E.! News. “I never made it a priority, and now it makes me feel so much better, mentally and physically.” Strength training, jumping rope, running, weightlifting, stairmaster cardio, Pilates and floor exercises are ways she likes to sweat it out. (For his website’s advice on how to burn fat in 15 minutes, go here.)

Kourtney loves workout buddies, and luckily her sisters are just as athletic as she is. “I know for my body, I need four to five days of exercise a week. Khloe and I really push ourselves to do that,” she told E!

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Kourtney is all about supplements. “Every morning when I wake up, I take fasting collagen supplements,” Kourtney told Poosh. She also drinks a concoction consisting of water mixed with a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar. “Both of these habits have a ton of health benefits that affect everything from your skin to how your body processes nutrients,” she said. She also takes a shot of vegan probiotic, followed by an avocado pudding with E3Live fruit and blue-green algae, bone broth protein powder and MCT oil. “It only takes a few minutes to do and it provides healthy fats to fuel me before a workout,” she says of her routine.

Kourtney maintains an active lifestyle. Horseback riding on the beach in Mexico, skiing with her family at Lake Tahoe, or hiking in nature near her home are all outdoor activities she loves.

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Kourtney also does Pilates. In a recent Instagram story, the star showed the reformer where the magic happens. “Pilates may seem daunting, but it’s an accessible way to build strength in your abdominal muscles for better posture, balance and flexibility. Pilates can be adapted to provide a strength training program and stability, or it can be modified to give a seasoned athlete a challenging workout. Learn more about Pilates and ask yourself if it might be right for you,” says the Mayo Clinic.