originally published: 08/06/2022

(LAKE COMO, NJ) — The 38th Annual International Blues Challenge (IBC)largest gathering of blues bands in the world, will be hosted by The Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN from January 24-28, 2023. As an affiliate of The Blues Foundation, the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation will again choose representatives to participate in the IBC Memphis Challenge through local competition on Sunday, October 2, 2022 at Salty’s Beach Bar in Lake Como, NJ. Last year’s winners were Shadetree Mechanics and James Dalton Solo.

This year is a revival of the JSJBF and the IBC Challenge. With new IBC President Mike Feniello, the JSJBF is committed to bringing the best JSJBF member band and the best solo/duo to Memphis.

Mike Feniello is a veteran music professional, soundman, engineer and musician. His contribution this year will create an exceptional event that will be judged by local and international professionals (judges are included in the link below). Another update was to eliminate the maximum number of times a group can compete locally.

All member bands or solo/duo artists are invited to register to participate in a one-day photo event at Memphis 2023. The deadline for registration is September 15, 2022. Your band is eligible if it, or any member of the act, has NOT participated in a Memphis IBC more than twice and has not participated in a Blues Music Award final ballot in either other of these two Memphis events. Also, if you have appeared twice in Memphis, those two appearances cannot have occurred in consecutive years. To be eligible for the local event, your 2022-2023 group dues for JSJBF must be current at the time of your performance. Please note that there is no longer a limit to the number of times you competed locally.

Acts with a participating Local Affiliate within a 250 mile radius of JSJBF Red Bank Head Office may only participate in the event if they have not been successful in more than two other 2022 events from the other Affiliates before. Nearby affiliates include the Hudson Valley Blues Society in Patterson, NY; the Long Island Blues Society in Magnolia, DE. If you are unsure of your originating affiliate, please contact the Blues Foundation for clarification.

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This year’s jury will include Deb Callahan, a seasoned blues singer with a 20-year legacy of national touring and outstanding recordings; Jack Daley, an in-demand session bassist, producer and local studio owner who regularly tours and records with several national artists; and Marc Swersky, a Grammy-winning songwriter, musician and producer with a 30-year legacy of developing artists and placing songs for TV and film.

As in the past, scoring will be based on the Blues Foundation model: a maximum of 10 points per category with foundation scoring multipliers (4x for Blues content; 3x for originality; 2x for instrumental talent , vocal and stage presence). You will be assigned a time slot and late arrivals will affect your score, so be ready – on time – and attentive to the stage manager’s instructions. The duration of the set will depend on the number of groups competing, but it will be a maximum of 30 minutes in all cases. Fixed times will be assigned and announced shortly after the registration deadline of September 15, 2022.

On October 2, all attendees other than judges, band members, and children under 12 will be charged for cover at the door: $10 for roadies and Foundation members and $15 for all roadies. others, including friends and family. Consider hearing protection for children. Food and alcohol will be available for purchase at Dirtylocated at 1705 Main Street in Lake Como, New Jersey.

Please note that the JSJBF reserves the right to cancel the October 2 event if too few acts register to compete.

The Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation (JSJBF) is a non-profit organization open to anyone interested in supporting Jazz and Blues! The foundation’s mission is to “preserve, promote, and perpetuate jazz, blues, and other forms of native music here in New Jersey.”