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Hot enough for you? How people beat the heat

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – With temperatures in the 80s, Wednesday was one of the hottest and wettest days of the summer so far.

That heat has hardly deterred Watertown Farmers Market regulars like Rick Aldrich.

“I have a jug of wine for her, a stick of pepperoni for me. We will see what happens,” he said.

Amid the scorching conditions, people turned to summer favorites. This made business booming early in the morning.

“We actually sold corn today. The watermelons of course did well on a hot day like today,” said seller Sam Nicotra.

Still, the heat may have kept some people away from the market. Rock and Jam saleswoman Yvonne Youngs had a theory as to why.

“I think because most people knew how hot it was going to be, they decided to go to the beach, or the park, or somewhere with water,” she said.

At Southwick Beach State Park, people came out in droves to beat the heat. But for better or worse, it gives some of them a taste of home.

“I was living in Texas, so I can handle it, but I haven’t quite acclimated to 90 degrees yet,” Heather Gallagher said.

Husband and wife Gary and Terry Pochkar are from Albany. It was just another vacation day for them and they say they are relieved to have camped near the beach.

“It’s the only place to be. In the shade or near the beach,” Garry said.

“Beach, sun, relaxation, reading,” Terry said.

It was a love-hate relationship with the heat on Wednesday – a dividing line for another married couple in Southwick Beach.

“I love him. That’s why we come here. I can’t beat him,” said Terry Charlebois.

“I like being in the tent. She likes to be in the sun and I’m in the shade,” said Bob Charlebois.

From refreshing fruit to a swim in Lake Ontario, people have taken all sorts of approaches to dealing with the northern heat.

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