*Some may find the details of this story disturbing.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A Hampton Roads man admits on our cameras that he killed three people — then repeatedly said he has no remorse.

Cola Beale IV is accused of killing his cousin, adoptive father and girlfriend, 31-year-old Czavi’er Hill.

This case highlights the issue of domestic violence and the warning signs that we should all be watching for.

In a jailhouse interview with News 3 on Thursday, Beale said he and Hill had no problems, that he helped her start her business, and that the two were making plans for the future.

News 3

Cola Beale IV in jail

But he said he was starting to resent his parents’ interference in their relationship and the way he would provide for him – and that’s when he said he snapped .

“Did you shoot his girlfriend and burn down her house? News 3 reporter Chelsea Donovan asked Beale on Thursday.

“Yes, I did,” he replied from behind bars.

Beale admitted to killing Hill, a Virginia Beach City public school employee.

“I had a breaking point,” he said. “Because his attitude started coming out…because of so many things, his attitude started going wild.”

Beale said he killed Hill because his parents got too involved in their relationship. After he killed her, he says he got mad that her parents weren’t watching her – so that’s when he set the house on fire.

Robin Gauthier, CEO of the samartian house in virginia beachclaims that this tragedy is a clear example of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence can start early in a relationship. Something light, very small, doesn’t feel impactful,” Gauthier explained. “It escalates over time from emotional abuse to physical abuse, and eventually death.”

According to her, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.

“When someone is watching all your activities, they demand to know where you are. If they’re jealous, they don’t want to share you with their friends, their family – they isolate you. Sometimes they accuse you of flirting or cheating on them,” Gauthier said.

His advice: Call the hotline for help – even if it’s anonymous.

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“Don’t suffer in silence,” she said.

Hill was a Norfolk State University graduate, minister, and business owner.

Beale is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on June 2.

If you need help immediately, you can call National Domestic Violence Helpline at 800-799-7233 and ask to be directed to resources in your neighborhood, or find shelter and emergency help near you. For residents of Hampton Roads, you can contact the Samaritan House Where click here for a list of resources by region.