Along this route, the Royal National Park is a 50-minute drive from Sydney and is a must-see due to its soaring rock formations, scenic rock pools, towering waterfalls, dense rainforest, breathtaking views of the ocean, its vast beaches and its natural flora. and wildlife. Other highlights include Kiama for its coastal walkways and famous blowhole – the largest in the world, which can shoot seawater up to 30m into the air; as well as Wollongong, where you can experience skydiving on the beach at Wollongong Skydive. Then there’s Jervis Bay, with its dolphins, whales and white sand. If you’re lucky, you might be able to admire the breathtaking view of the sea that glows at night thanks to the bioluminescence phenomenon.

Chan Brothers Travel offers two different itineraries here: the 9-day Glamping Up Sydney and Grand Pacific Drive gives you a safari-style glamping experience while the 8-day Sydney and Surrounds is an accompanied motorhome tour. These two options allow you to live the unparalleled experience of being one with nature, sleeping under the stars and enjoying all the freedom and mobility available to you when your accommodation is not not tied to one place. For the visit in an accompanied motorhome, you will also benefit from a tour manager who will assist you with any logistical, administrative or itinerary problem, so that you can enjoy your holiday with complete peace of mind.