Ghost Tours of Oregon Coast’s Heceta Head Lighthouse BnB Offered

Published on 09/16/22 at 18:05
By the staff of the Oregon Coast Beach Connection

(Florence, Oregon) – There are shades of the old Ghost and Mrs. Muir movie here at this former Oregon Coast lighthouse. Supposedly a harmless, even friendly spirit roams the quarters of Florence’s Heceta Head lighthouse keeper, scaring people but possibly even cleaning up on occasion. She doesn’t give advice, like the ghost from the old 60s movie, but she seems to be trying to be helpful. (Photo copyright Oregon Coast Beach Connection)

It is in this “spirit” that the Halloween season sees the Ghost Story Tours of the Keeper’s House at the Heceta Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast on October 30, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Show up at Heceta Head Lighthouse on this day and learn the history and hear the ghostly tales of former B&B guests and Heceta Head Lighthouse Keeper’s House staff. Each visit will last approximately 20-30 minutes and will be limited to 15 people. Reservations and donations are required.

It’s a hell of a way to get into the mood of the season.

Call 541-547-5490 or email [email protected] to reserve your place. Parking is available at the Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint parking lot for $5, card only.

Heceta Head Lighthouse is the only one on the Oregon Coast that still has its keeper’s quarters. It has been transformed into this lovely little BnB and is actually one of the National Historic Registers.

Hauntings have long been part of the lore here, and there have actually been some pretty believable witnesses to it all. For a long time, the family that owns the place maintained that they now consider the ghost to be part of the family. She goes by the nicknames “Grey Lady” or “Rue”, often appearing as an elderly woman or a grayish, smoky figure of a woman who is quickly dissipating. A version of this long-held Oregon Coast tale is that she is the mother of a baby whose grave is hidden somewhere in the field. Another version says that she is the person in this secret tomb.

In any case, she doesn’t seem to want to scare anyone.

Early scouting stories of the careless geist involve workers who encountered the otherworldly lady and fled in fear. A man actually refused to finish working inside a room and only continued to work on a window from the outside, even after breaking it. He wouldn’t even venture to clean it.

In the middle of the night, the family living there heard sweeping noises somewhere upstairs. The next day they found the mess had been swept up into a neat little heap.

Two of the most credible witnesses to this ghost are famed Oregon scenic photographers Steve Terrill (d. 2021) and Larry Geddis. Terrill spoke to Oregon Coast Beach Connection editor Andre’ Hagestedt in 2001 (before the publication existed) and told him how the couple stayed at the B&B while taking pictures of the area. At one point, they spotted what looked like the silhouette of a woman in Geddis’ bedroom window, if only briefly. When they later found out there was absolutely no one in the building at the time, Terrill said Geddis was visibly disturbed by this.

Later, says Terrill, they discovered that small items in Geddis’ room had been moved.