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  • What you’ll experience on a love visit to San Francisco
  • What is included in the San Francisco Love Tour

Visiting a new city always requires a visit, and the more unique the visit, the better. There are few better West Coast cities more suited for such an adventure than San Francisco, especially when the tour itself offers a rather unusual mode of transportation.

Fans of all things retro and vintage could only dream of zipping around this city in a 1970s Volkswagen bus, but the Love Tour by Viator made it possible. Visitors to San Francisco will have a blast as their small tour group hops on the bus to see the city’s most iconic sights, plus awesome photo stops. There are many more benefits to this tour, including the ability to explore places in the city that other tours never go to – and much more.


What you’ll experience on a love visit to San Francisco

This tour isn’t as simple as hopping on a VW bus and making the trip – in fact, it is, but the itinerary is far from simplistic. Just stepping aboard a 1970s Volkswagen bus evokes the heart of San Francisco and its deep-rooted hippie history. There’s never been a more magical way to explore this coastal city before, with all the iconic stops travelers can think of, plus a few special surprises.

The tour begins at the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, where it also ends, making it a conveniently located destination even for newcomers to San Francisco. Over the course of two hours, visitors will experience a host of firsts in San Francisco, including:

  • Chinese district: The oldest and most established Chinatown in the United States, famous for the iconic Dragon’s Gate and an entire neighborhood of delicious and authentic Asian cuisine.
  • North Beach: Known for its famous connection to the Beat Generation, its panoramic views and its wide range of Italian restaurants.
  • The Castro: An iconic LGBTQA+ community, known for its vibrant daytime and nightlife, as well as its historic human rights museum.
  • The mission: Trendy neighborhood with Latin roots, with unique restaurants, bars and shops.
  • Downtown San Francisco

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The VW tourist bus

This tour is small and can only accommodate six people. However, its intimate mode of transport also lends itself to an equally intimate experience, which certainly makes this tour unforgettable. Along with the iconic sights tourists will see along the way, they’ll get a real sense of what it once was like to see San Francisco from the perspective of a 1970s vehicle.

To further enrich this totally retro tour, guests will be privy to all sorts of music from the 60s. accurate ? Cozy and comfortable neon blue seats and a shag carpet covering the interior of the bus are the cherries on what is already a totally tubular experience.

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What is included in the San Francisco Love Tour

The Love Tour includes everything a day tripper could want, leaving nothing for visitors to discover on their own:

  • Two hours exploring San Francisco
  • Access to a retro 1970s VW bus
  • Iconic sites such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, North Beach, the Castro, the Mission and Downtown
  • Walk through smaller streets that aren’t often included on most city tours
  • Photo ops on the Golden Gate Bridge
  • An informative and entertaining local guide who fully narrates the tour
  • A maximum limit of 12 people per tour, with just six people on each VW bus
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

Tour itinerary

  1. Goes through Haight-Ashbury
  2. Go through Union Square
  3. Go through the civic center
  4. A 10-minute stop at the Golden Gate Bridge
  5. Go through Lombard Street
  6. Pass by Fisherman’s Wharf
  7. Go through Chinatown
  8. Pass by North Beach
  9. Go through Little Italy
  10. Go through the Castro
  11. A 10-minute stop at the Mission District
  12. Go through Golden Gate Park
  13. Passes by San Francisco Love Tours

At the time of booking this tour, clients will receive immediate confirmation. The tour takes no less than six people per bus, which is not wheelchair accessible. However, wheelchairs can be folded up and placed on the bus for storage, and there is always plenty of help to do so!

This tour is a one-of-a-kind experience in San Francisco, and it’s an unforgettable experience for first-timers to this great Californian city.

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