‘All activity is prohibited for three days’ on Hurghada’s southern beaches

The Egyptian Ministry of the Environment reported on Sunday the death of two women in a shark attack near Hurghada, a famous resort on the Red Sea, where several beaches have been closed since the incident on Friday.

“Two women were attacked by a shark while swimming in the Sahel Hachich region, south of Hurghada,” the ministry said on its Facebook page, adding that an investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the incident. this incident.

“All activity is prohibited for three days” on the beaches south of Hurghada, in southeastern Egypt, said Friday an order from the governor of this region of the Red Sea, Amr Hanafi.

The ministry does not specify the nationality of the victims but in its decree the governor mentions “an Austrian tourist having had her left arm torn off” by a shark.

On social networks, many Internet users shared a video – the authenticity, date and location of which could not be verified – showing a swimmer in difficulty before a pool of blood appeared around her.

Red Sea sharks very rarely attack swimmers if they do not exceed the legal limits.

In 2018 a Czech tourist was killed by a shark off an Egyptian Red Sea beach, as was a German in 2015, and in 2010 a German woman died and four other tourists were seriously injured during a shark attacks off a beach in Sharm el-Sheikh, the most famous of Egyptian seaside resorts.

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