Pensacola is a city located in the far west of the Florida panhandle known for its beautiful white sand beaches. Taking its name from a Native American group that lived in the area and was founded in 1559 by the Spaniards, Pensacola bills itself as the first American settlement. (St. Augustine, Florida, is considered the oldest always busy colony in the continental United States, founded in 1565.)

Pensacola offers a wide variety of activities, from downtown bars and restaurants to outdoor camping and hiking opportunities and, of course, its famous beaches.

Crabs on the Beach is a restaurant offering a variety of crab dishes, including Alaskan Snow Crab and its Fiery Balls of Crab, which feature snow crab and cream cheese coated in Japanese breadcrumbs and fried.

Kids can play on the nearby beach while their families dine, and everyone can enjoy the restaurant’s hermit crab races.

Mi Su Food Truck

Part of Pensacola’s vibrant food truck scene, Mi Su offers dishes like fried chicken sandwiches and a Mi Su Melt burger made with a thin patty, chorizo ​​mayonnaise, American cheese, peppers and onions. . It was founded by longtime service industry veterans Alden and Hylene Garcia after each of them was temporarily out of work thanks to the pandemic.

Check Mi Su’s Instagram for regular updates.

Big Jerk Soda Co.

The “jerk” in the name refers not to anyone’s behavior, but to the classic sodas that dispensed carbonated drinks from drugstore soda fountains of yesteryear. Big Jerk’s fruit-based flavors may be less sweet than some of the big brands.

Perfect Plain Brewing Co.

This brewery takes its name from an 1820 description of Pensacola. It offers a rotating selection of beers, including lagers, IPAs, and seasonal favorites, as well as cocktails. Perfect Plain is also pet and family friendly, and the same owners also operate the Garden & Grain cocktail bar in downtown Pensacola.

McGuire Irish Pub

Visitors to this bar which has been around for over 44 years will notice the large number of $1 bills attached to the walls, but they can also try signature dishes like lamb stew, corned beef sandwiches and steak. McGuire’s also brews its own beer, offers guided brewery tours and offers regular live entertainment in a classic pub atmosphere.

Five Sisters Blues Cafe

This restaurant, located in a part of town with a deep musical history, offers a menu of South Coast and Gulf classics like chicken and waffles, collard greens and kidney beans over rice. Sunday jazz brunches include live music.

Cold water gardens

This eco-resort offers a variety of glamping — i.e., glamorous camping — opportunities, including tents, cottages, and treehouse-style accommodations. There is also access to a creek and hiking trails. Some produce is grown on site, and you can also visit the resort’s chickens and koi carp.

A botanical garden-style environment is available for weddings.