LAWRENCE, Kan. (WDAF) – Bloomington Beach at Lake Clinton usually opens to campers and visitors each year on May 1, but this year the opening will be delayed.

The site is currently under construction and is unsafe for visitors due to the use of heavy equipment and scattered construction debris, according to Clinton Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers.

Clinton Lake, US Army Corps of Engineers, said it hopes the beach will be open in June.

The 2019 floods damaged much of the beach infrastructure, and Clinton Lake, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, worked to complete the necessary repairs.

Much of the damaged parking lot is currently being replaced, and the following tasks are complete or nearing completion:

  • Tear down the destroyed shower stall and replace it with a concrete toilet structure.
  • Remove two damaged communal picnic shelters and replace them with sturdy steel structures.
  • Repair playground edging and replace rubber mulch.
  • Remove many dead trees and replant with species that are more tolerant of flooding and benefit native wildlife.
  • Restore grass that has been destroyed by high water and/or construction.
  • Replace the life jacket loan card.
  • Repair or replace picnic tables, garbage cans, volleyball courts and benches that have been damaged.

Clinton Lake of the US Army Corps of Engineers said he hopes to open the beach in early to mid-June, but since it’s asphalt work, it’s very weather dependent. The last rain has already set them back about a week.