In an ongoing effort to promote safety for cyclists and pedestrians, the City of Bethany Beach announces a new public awareness campaign called WAVE for Safety in Bethany Beach.

WAVE stands for Wait/Watch, Assess, Verify and Engage/Enter when reviewing traffic patterns and crosswalks. A series of videos have been produced to illustrate the initiative; they can be seen on Bethany Beach Youtube channel.

According to studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Office of Highway Safety, Delaware has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates per capita in the nation. About 24% of all road deaths involve pedestrians. To address this issue, the city established a Cyclist and Pedestrian Safety Committee which was instrumental in bringing the concept to fruition.

The WAVE campaign is just one of the ways the city is working to provide a safe environment for its residents and visitors. In the summer, the Bethany Beach Police Department regularly conducts security checks to install bike lights and distribute informational flyers. Full-time officers work overtime running patrols focused on cyclist and pedestrian safety and public education. For the 2022 season, the City of Bethany Beach has installed crosswalk warning bollards in all high-traffic pedestrian areas along the Coast Road.

Once Bethany Beach Youtube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, the city can start broadcasting concerts.