Exotics are coming to New Hampshire this weekend.

Some of the most luxurious, sought-after, and beloved exotic cars will all be in one place on Sunday, August 21.

We are talking about an impressive collection of exotic cars called Concorso Italiano, featuring over 250 exotic cars from all over the planet.

It’s an annual event at Tuscan Village in Salem, NH, and the stars are the cars. Enthusiasts and walkers come in droves to discover one of the largest collections of high-end and unique cars in the region.

These cars you probably won’t see on major highways or side roads. These cars were built to be show pieces and can probably go very, very fast. Intriguing and beautiful, the hundred or so cars on display are only there for four hours on Sunday.

Brandon Atchison at unsplash.com

Brandon Atchison at unsplash.com

If you want to experience the Concorso Italiano, get there early. The impressive collection is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

There is also a charity component. Enter to win a racing lap with Tuscan Village creator Joe Faro. 100% of profits go to the Lazarus House in Lawrence, MA. Lazarus House provides food, clothing, shelter and advocacy for the community with a “non-judgmental heart”.

If you go, expect family fun with family entertainment, food vendors, and live music. Pair that with hundreds and hundreds of exotic cars and you’ll have a fun-filled day at Tuscan Village.

For more information, call 603-212-9650. Tuscan Village is at 9 Via Toscana in Salem, New Hampshire.

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