As Rivian’s flagship electric vehicle continues to deliver to its first customers in the United States, Electrek had another chance to experience the R1T up close and tinker with all of its unique features. Additionally, I had the chance to test the Rivian R1T for the first time on an airport tarmac and rocky SoCal terrain.

Rivian and his R1T pickup have been new EVs we’ve covered in significant ways in recent years as the US automaker moved closer and closer to early deliveries. This feat was accomplished last fall, consolidating Rivian as the first automaker to market a fully electric truck.

Since then, more and more reservation holders have started receiving delivery dates from 2022. Concurrently, Rivian has set up retail / social spaces called Hubs from Venice, CA.

Hubs, as well as Rivian “First Mile” test drive events like the one I recently attended in Southern California, are at the heart of the automaker’s concerns as it seeks to share the R1T experience with consumers. .

Earlier this year, ElectrekSeth Weintraub was one of the first to test drive the Rivian R1T in Breckinridge, Colorado alongside CEO RJ Scaringe, and had only good things to say about it, so I was excited to give it a try by myself . Here is how it went.

Rivian R1T road test

My first thoughts upon seeing the R1T up close were how much more stylish and put together everything compared to the photos. As many of you will soon see for yourself, Rivian has thought of almost everything when designing this electric vehicle.

Something common that I have heard in conversations with others regarding the R1T is the headlights and the fact that they don’t like them very much. They look a lot cooler up close, and you can tell by the Rivian compass placed in each of them that the attention to detail is plentiful throughout the pickup.

Before my test drive, I had fun asking the Rivian team questions and just exploring the R1T to find all the buttons, functions and gadgets it is loaded with. Between the gearbox, the protective cable, the hidden bluetooth speaker and the flashlight, this electric vehicle was designed to go out and see the world as advertised.

I can easily see people having fun soon with the R1T for long weekend camping getaways or just for traveling to explore. Storage is intuitive and flexible and designed to give you everything you need, from a day at the beach to a week in the mountains.

My test drive itself was designed to give me a taste of the Rivian’s speed and ADAS on the pavement, as well as its ability to tackle tough mountain terrain. I was joined by Nicole Johnson, senior manager of HMI architecture design for Rivian’s UI / UX group. She was very familiar with the performance functions of the R1T on all terrains and also has a good taste for music.

Behind me you’ll also spot Shaheen Karimian, Automotive Communications Manager, who has provided information to consumers looking to reserve their own R1T. Overall, I was quite impressed with everything the R1T had to offer inside and out, and look forward to hearing thoughts from other drivers in the future as they test this Rivian EV for themselves. Check out the images below:

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