Securing jobs, a community climate fund and a grassroots inquiry into COVID-19 are on Anglicare’s wish list for the upcoming federal election.

The demands are on the organization’s list of five ideas Australia needs now, while ensuring Australians have a basic income and housing.

Highlighting record numbers of Australians unable to afford homes and struggling to make ends meet after losing their jobs throughout the pandemic, Anglicare chief executive Kasy Chambers said new ideas were needed.

“In a few months, Australians will be voting in one of the most important elections we have ever faced. We hope parties and candidates will buy into our ideas and work with us to turn them into action,” he said. she declared.

“So many people are hungry for ideas. They want leadership with vision and empathy – leadership for everyone.”

The report notes three million Australians in poverty and one million such children, while 77% of Australians support ensuring everyone has an income above the poverty line.

He adds that the job guarantee aims to ensure that anyone who wants work can get it, allowing them to contribute to their community and earn the “dignity” of gainful employment.

“The government and the opposition say they want full employment…we are calling on all parties to sign a job guarantee and commit to building the workforce we need,” Ms. Chambers.

“In 2020, Victoria and the ACT guaranteed jobs to anyone who wanted one. Doing this across the country would transform lives. Creating jobs, without blaming people, is how to get more people to work .”

* A community climate fund

* A home for every Australian

* Governing for All: A People’s Survey on COVID-19.

Australian Associated Press