You know how mothers always try to have the last word, especially when it’s in the “I love you” part of the phone call or after tucking you into bed; Well here’s a way to get the upper hand. This glossy finished mug is one way to end that conversation in your favor. It can be personalised, which means you can put your name right after the heart. As she drinks tea in the cold Christmas weather, she will remember your love and the fact that you won the duel. Get it from Etsy

mom blanket

Better than words of affirmation, this cover says it all. This blanket is uniquely designed as a letter to expressly express love. Crafted from microfiber polyester, this super soft and plush blanket is sure to send a warm message. It is super light and does not shed. This is such a “mom” gift. Get it from Amazon

Scented candle

Christmas and candles go together like snow and snowfights. If you get a scented candle for mom this Christmas, make it a fun one. It is a lavender scented soy candle. With a burn time of 50 hours, it is perfect for heat and aromatherapy. When you reach his last nerve, this gift will put a fiery smile on his face. Get it from Amazon

Artificial Rose Flower

The Christmas season is filled with decorations and gifts. Try this artificial glass dome rose flower. The flower is surrounded by LED lights, which are powered by batteries. It is easy to clean and comes in different colors. Roses are red, violets are blue; get it for mom and something that rhymes with “blue”. Get it from Amazon

Butterfly Suncatcher Wind Chime

This Amazon’s-Choice gift just screams home decor. Best of all, it comes with a heart-shaped pendant, bearing the words “I love you mom.” This coin is made of electroplated silver and zircon. It can be hung anywhere in the house, from the living room to the front yard. Get it from Amazon

Statue candle holder

Here’s another quick and decorative way to express your love for Mom this Christmas. You think mom, you think love and that’s exactly what this candle holder showcases. This statue of a mom holding her daughter is designed with heart-shaped holes to let the glow spread. It comes with LED lights, which mimic candle flames and are battery powered so you don’t have to worry about it burning. Mom will cherish this for life. Get it from Amazon

Gift basket

So you still haven’t been able to make up your mind and time is running out. Do not understand him; get the full package. This package contains a tumbler, bath bomb, scented candle, fun socks and more. Now you don’t have to choose what you think she would like. This Christmas, she deserves it all. It’s super affordable too so what’s your excuse? Get it from Amazon

Personalized silky pajamas

She may not be your mother, but she is a mother, probably a new mother. try these super soft and stylish silk pajamas. The silk satin two piece set is made of polyester and it is incredibly comfortable. It also comes with an option to inscribe a monogram, just for that extra personal feel. Get it from Etsy

Moon lamp

Just look at this beauty; need we say more? This 3D printed moon lamp is printed with real moon images. It has a wooden stand and an integrated LED light. The USB function means you can charge it and use it for several hours. You can also change the color of the moon with a remote control or by touch. How cool is that? This Christmas, mom might just hang up the moon instead of a star. Would not it be nice ? Get it from Etsy

plant gift

This one is ultimately the most unique on this list, plants inspire positivity and cheerfulness. Along with the two live succulents, it comes in a beautiful ceramic pot with a bamboo tray. It comes with the option to add a greeting card. This little plant is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face this Christmas. Get it from Etsy