The idea of ​​a “to do list” has been popular for quite some time now and is basically writing down all the varied activities you want to do and experiences you want to have in your lifetime.

Usually bucket lists will include things like “see the pyramids”, “skydive” and so on – and many people find these types of lists can be very powerful and motivating in helping to focus their energies and make the most of it. of life.

At the same time, however, there can also be “weekend to-do list ideas” which are more the kind of things you might accomplish over the course of a weekend, than the kind of things you need to plan as a whole. shipping for.

Here are some weekend bucket list ideas to try.

Attend a major theatrical performance in a renowned venue

Most of us are, on the whole, pretty used to going to the movies and watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but far fewer people end up going to the theater.

Although theater is the direct predecessor of modern cinema, it is by no means true that cinema automatically does everything better than theater.

A good play, performed in an acclaimed theatrical mecca like Broadway, or London’s West Endcan be an incredibly deep, rich and immersive experience, where the action unfolds before your eyes and your imagination is put into action through the creative use of scenery and lighting.

Watching a great theatrical performance at a renowned venue is absolutely something that should be on everyone’s weekend wish list.

Attend a cultural event featuring dancers and musicians

When you go to see a dance performance like the one presented by the Shen Yun dancers, you’re not just exposing yourself to a bit of light entertainment – you’re actually engaging in an experience that gives you a window into another culture.

Attending a cultural event featuring dancers, music, and various things that help bring the history of a people or place to life is definitely a worthy way to spend a weekend.

Join a walking tour in your own city

If you live in a reasonably large city – or anywhere near a reasonably large city – chances are you’ll end up taking it more or less for granted as you go about your daily life.

But every great city tends to have a lot of depth, history, and fascinating stories associated with it – it’s just a matter of peeling back some of the layers and exploring things directly.

Join a walk to visit in your own town, or a town near you, can be a very eye-opening experience that helps you better appreciate the area you live in, as well as being a fun way to get some light exercise.