The island of Maui is synonymous with excellent beaches and a playground for water lovers. With a wide variety of custom-designed sunny sandy beaches to top up your tan and rocky outcrops where surfers love to chase the perfect wave, Maui’s beaches offer some incredible experiences.

Maui has beaches for fun in the sun, surfing, family beaches, secret beaches frequented by local Hawaiians, beaches perfect for hiking, and beaches perfect for camping. Our list isn’t exhaustive, but we’ve highlighted a great selection of incredible Maui options in the Pacific Ocean.

Ideal for general enjoyment in the sun

When you want to throw on your flip flops and soak up the Pacific sun, Kapalua Bay has it all.

1. Kapalua Bay – West Maui

Kapalua Bay is a beautiful, sheltered beach surrounded by oceanfront residences and resorts. Located on the western side, Kapalua Bay is framed by rocky outcrops keeping the undertow in check and making the water ideal for swimming.

Grab your snorkel gear, you’ll find this calm, sheltered cove is a fun place to hunt for beautiful fish and Hawaiian green sea turtles.

Pro Tip: Kapalua Bay does not have a lifeguard but there are public toilets and showers.

Surfers at North Shore (Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

Ideal for surfers

Are you an experienced surfer, an aspiring surfer, or just in love with watching these well-muscled athletes ride a huge wave? Then these beaches should be on your list of beaches in Maui. Check Maui Surf Reports and Cams before heading to 411 where the best waves call for expert surfers. Winter is the best season for surfers when the waves are bigger and more challenging. If you are a beginner, choose a calmer time of year or a sheltered beach to try this sport.

2. Honolua Bay – West Maui

During the winter months, Honolua Bay is a wonderful place to watch well-trained surfers attack the powerful waves. However, during the summer the waves are gentle and perfect for snorkeling. The beach is quite rocky and not ideal for that perfect afternoon tan.

Pro Tip: There are no lifeguards or restrooms in Honolua Bay.

3. Ho’okipa Beach Park – North Maui

Windsurfing is the sport of choice at Ho’okipa Beach Park. You can relax on the sandy beach and watch expert windsurfers navigate the waves, wind and currents. Surfers also love this spot and share the waves with their water-loving friends.

Swimming can be tricky due to the undertow and shallow water wading should be approached with caution. Ho’okipa is a wonderful place to sunbathe and live vicariously through surfers.

You can also frequently spot large Hawaiian green sea turtles basking on the beach. It can be surprising when they move, as you’ll easily mistake them for giant boulders.

Pro Tip: Ho’okipa has lifeguards and restrooms.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Honomanu Bay.
Abbie Warnock-Matthews /

4. Honomanu Bay – North Maui

Honomanu Bay’s black sand and pebble beach is a fun photo adventure. Swimming is dangerous and not recommended. The men and women who surf here have advanced skill and knowledge of the rocky bottom of the water.

The views are magnificent; while you’re on the road to Hana, you should definitely take a break at the roadside lookout. If you’re thinking of driving the Northshore route to Hana, be sure to check out our travel guide.

Pro Tip: There are no lifeguards or toilets at Honomanu Bay.

Kaanapali Beach.
Kaanapali Beach (Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

Ideal for families

Vacationing in Hawaii with your family is a wonderful way to share the travel experience and create unforgettable memories. Maui offers several supervised beaches and public facilities, making it a perfect option for family adventures.

5. Ka’anapali Beach – West Maui

If you’re staying at a classic West Maui resort, you’re probably on or near Ka’anapali Beach. Miles of soft white sand dotted with world-class resorts, private cabanas and all the on-water toys you could want.

Perfect for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, paddle boarding, boogie boarding and more, Ka’anapali Beach is the ultimate Hawaiian vacation getaway.

Pro Tip: There are lifeguards as well as public restrooms and showers at Ka’anapali Beach.

6. Baldwin Beach – North Maui

Baldwin Beach Park is a beautiful sandy beach on the North Shore, perfect for a morning stroll, a mid-day swim or an evening picnic to watch the sun go down.

Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and other water activities are ready for your family beach day.

Pro Tip: At Baldwin Beach you will find lifeguards as well as public restrooms and showers.

7. Baby Beach – North Maui

At one end of Baldwin Beach is Baby Beach. Not to be confused with Baby Beach near Lahaina, this beach offers a calm bay ideal for families with young children.

Take all your beach toys, blankets and umbrellas for a great day at Baby Beach.

Pro Tip: At Baldwin Beach you will find lifeguards as well as public restrooms and showers.

Sunset over Big Beach in Makena State Park in Maui Hawaii.
Oneloa (Big Beach) Ivan_Sabo /

8. Makena State Park Beaches – South Maui

Mākena State Park is home to three beaches: Puu Olai (Little Beach), Oneloa (Big Beach), and Oneuli (Black Sandy Beach). The beaches are popular spots for sunbathing, snorkeling and boogie boarding.

There are parking and entrance fees associated with Makena State Park. However, if you are looking to spend the day at a beautiful beach with your family, this is a great place. The state park offers picnic areas.

Of note, Puu Olai is known to be frequented by dress-optional guests; something to keep in mind if you have little ones in tow.

Pro Tip: At Makena State Park, there are lifeguards in Oneloa as well as public restrooms and showers.

9. Hamoa Beach – East Maui

A popular beach with tourists, Hamoa Beach is a great option for beginner surfers and boogie boarders.

Pro Tip: There are no lifeguards at Hamoa Beach but there are public facilities.

Ideal for exploring nature

The island of Maui is a wonderful place to explore. Be sure to check out our favorite Hawaiian hiking spots if you want to explore the islands on foot.

Wai’anapanapa State Park in Maui (Photo credit: Shane Myers Photography)

10. Wai’anapanapa State Park – East Maui

Wai’anapanapa State Park is a beautiful, remote area near Hana, east Maui. The rugged coastline should not be tempted by the faint of heart. However, if you love thrilling nature adventures, Wai’anapanapa is the perfect place for your Maui beach trip.

The hike to the blowholes past native flora and fauna takes you deep into the heart of ancient Hawaii. You’ll love the quiet solitude, sweeping ocean views, and small black sand beaches with no footprints but your own.

Note that reservations and fees are required.

Pro Tip: At Wai’anapanapa State Park, you will find public restrooms and showers.

11. La Pérouse Bay – South Maui

La Pérouse Bay is part of the Ahihi Kinau Nature Reserve, an ecologically protected area. The rocky shore is a bay surrounded by volcanic rocks. Hiking in the beautiful Bay Area requires good sturdy shoes to navigate the often sharp rocks, but intrepid travelers will be rewarded with unique and breathtaking views.

Swimming is prohibited while the reserve’s ecology recovers. Check the Ahihi Kinau website for the latest details.

Pro Tip: La Pérouse Bay does not offer lifeguards or rest facilities.

Rocky Beach, blue sky and ocean.
Rocky beach (Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

Ideal for camping

Photo rocky beach

Refreshed by ocean breezes and lulled by repetitive waves, camping by the ocean is a lifetime experience everyone should try at least once. Whether you’re roughing it in a tent or tucked away in a luxurious van, sleeping under the stars will give you a deep connection to nature.

12. Olowalu – West Maui

When you want a Hawaiian camping experience, but haven’t packed your gear, rent a Tentalow at Camp Olowalu and enjoy the Maui outdoor life. Campfires, water sports and the Hawaiian sun are just some of the treasures you will discover.

Pro Tip: There are no lifeguards or public facilities in Olowalu.

13. Black Sand Beach

Wai’anapanapa State Park’s black sand beach is an amazing place to explore. The volcanic sand beach is a unique beach experience.

You can rent a cabin for your Maui camping experience and commune with mother nature. The camp is a treasure trove of activities including hunting for lava tubes, vents, caves and rock formations.

Pro Tip: In Wai’anapanapa, you will find public restrooms and showers.

maui sunset
Sunset in Maui (Photo credit: Sandi Barrett)

Great for hanging out with the locals

Some of the best beaches are the local beaches. Here you will find family and friends spending a sunny day enjoying Maui’s beautiful beaches.

14. Palauea – South Maui

Also known as White Rock Beach, Palauea Beach is a great snorkeling spot when the ocean is calm. When the waves come up the visibility drops and the snorkeling isn’t great.

It is also a popular wedding beach as it is almost always nearly deserted.

Pro Tip: There are no lifeguards or facilities at Palauea.

15. Hana Beach Park – East Maui

Hana Beach Park is one of the best beaches for swimming on the east side of Maui. With a gorgeous sandy beach, picnic facilities and gentle waves, Hana Bay Beach is a family favorite.

Pro Tip: At Hana Bay Beach, you will find public restrooms and showers.

Toes in the sand at the beach.
Sandi Barrette

Maui Beaches

When you dream of soaking up the glorious Hawaiian sunshine on Maui’s beautiful beaches, consider some of our options. These beaches will be high on your must-visit list when planning your Maui getaway.

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